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Packing a bowl right?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HBmonster, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Me and my friend got into this discussion about how to pack a bowl right (if there really is a right way..) He normally just does it by hand and puts in kinda large chunks, pushes it down lightly with his thumb then tops it off with just a few more pinches. But when we smoke his way we have to relight it each time.

    My method is using my grinder which isn't anything fancy (just a plastic one that gets the job done) and grind it for 5 seconds clockwise then 5 more counter clockwise. I pack it more or less the same way except that I push down a little harder with my thumb but mine keeps its cherry for about 2-3 hits and only actually had to light it once each.

    Is it just different strokes for different strokes or is there more science behind this?
  2. Quit overcomplicating. Get high.
  3. Already happened.We like to debate when we're high... Mainly about how to get more high..
  4. Your friend's wasting weed, well not really "wasting" it.. Good call on grinding it up.
  5. Instead of grinding try using scissors little metal ones just cut it up nice and fine. Grinding weed you tend to lose a lot of the good stuff, but either way grind or cut :bongin:
  6. i grind mine up bruh. so im with chu arready.
  7. I just break it up pretty small by hand then pack it not too tight. Oh wait i dont have a bowl anymore or any weed :( :(
  8. I like to grind it up personally feel like it gives you more in the pack and makes the bowl fuller then just putting tinnier nugs in there however when I don't have the grinder my buddy and I share i'll just break it up.
  9. I just break it up with my fingers, since I don't have a grinder. Works fine for me.
  10. The more fine it is the easier it burns. If it's really fine you just light it a bit and the cherry will ignite the rest of the weed.
  11. Nothing better than a hand-rolled fatt bleezy.

  12. Doesn't that annoy the shit out of you when you get sticky weed? I'd at least want to use scissors.
  13. as long as you remember the "base nug" you're good... make sure that hole DOES not let ash through... getting shat on= worst thing about smoking imo

    And make sure your bowls sorta look like this, doesnt have to have dank ass blue dream in it... we get BD too often here in MT haha ;)
  14. One day I got some REALLY stick weed as in after breaking up one small nug, my fingers literally felt like they had sap on them. And the weed would stick together right after you had broken it up. It was a god damn nightmare lol. The very next day, i got my grinder LOL.
  15. ^^^^^ Blue dream? That looks like some ghetto weed, mids at best. GTFO of here with that.

    jk im jelly ;)
  16. yeah i think it came from this bud

  17. What do you mean by remembering the base nug ?

  18. Can i has some
  19. He means its nice to have really fine ground weed but if you only use that then you'll scoob and thats no fun. Just take a tiny little chunk thats big enough to cover the hole in the bowl but make sure smoke can still get through.
  20. You gonna pass that shit? :cool:

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