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  1. So i had a weird fucking nightmare/dream today guys. I was back in high school and really needed a buzz to get through this social studies class. I miraculously had a big bag of weed in my pocket, so i pulled it out and took a really big nug out of the bag. I popped in into my mouth and packed it in like it was chewing tobacco.

    As i was packing it in, this chick Lucy was like Ewwwww! what are you doing? in front of like the whole class. So im sitting there like shit, this bitch just saw me pack a lip of weed in the middle of social studies class, and shes yelling it out to the whole class. So i say "bitch shut up!" i dont want to get in trouble for this shit.

    The teacher hears me, Miss Kaylee, total milf with a fat ass and asks me what is going on. So im like shit, i cant have this teacher see me with a lip in, so i start chewing the weed like its gum, and she tells me to spit out my gum.

    So im bugging out right now because i think this shit is real life, and im tasting this grimey weed in my mouth, (idk why i packed a lip of it, ive only dipped 2 times in my life, and i know it makes no fucking sense to chew weed) and im about to get in trouble for having weed.

    I walk over to the garbage can, and spit out the weed right in front of the teacher, it comes out in like 5 pieces and a bunch of strands, and im just like fuck. But miraculously, the teacher just turned around and continued teaching.

    The last thing i remember was grilling Lucy for getting me in trouble...Really shitty nightmare guys but i hope you enjoyed it. :smoking:
  2. I just pictured my 9th grade biology class room...
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    Hahhahahaa damn. You should have taken control of your dream and got some of that milf ass
  4. Badass story man. This one time before school I rolled two fattys with some really dank-ass bud. Knowing we're gonna smoke the other after school, I tuck it behind my ear because I have shoulder lenght hair. So me and the bro walked to school about 1.5 away (not that far). Anyway we have to pass a little lake, so we stop and chilled under a secluded tree and blazed up the one joint. We're jamming to some Ozzy and everything when our good friend Ryan shows up. At this point we're teasing a lil bit. Ryan ask if we got anybud, not remembering I had a joint behind my ear, we say nope. So Ryan packs a mushroomed bowl and we proceed to get stoned. We finish it and start walking with the tunes jamming DIO.

    Fast forward to 1st block after playing a mean game of hacky-sack. I got art class and I need to mat my pictures and cover it with a seran-like substance. I grab the blowdryer to help it stick together, when this chick Shonna (fine-ass stoner chick) says, " What's that white shit in your ear?" I trip out thinking it's the printmaking ink because its hard to take out and run my fingers through it fiercly. The joint flies out and lands between us and we just stare at it. Me I'm staring because I don't have glasses and I'm trying to figure out what it is. I'm thinking wtf is that? We look at each othr then back down. I now pick it up and realize i's the joint rolled. So I tell her everything, get her # and we blazed it up later.
    :stoned: :smile:

  5. lol thats funny cause i pictured 9th grade English class:smoking::smoking:
  6. [quote name='"PerryThatHoe"']I remember in history class man which i loved but usually passed out in from getting so high in the mornings and being beat by the end of the day. I always wore this fleece and WEEED would stick to it like crazy. One morning i dropped a penny size nug on it and didn't notice. IT WAS CHRONIC TOO, i kept smelling weed and i'm thinking to my self wtf.

    friend in front of me turns around and is telling me it smells like weed, when his eyes drift away towards my chest and then he reachs over and pulls the nug off me laughing.

    ^ that happened like 5 times.

    OMG My locker, for the entire year nearly at the very beginning, was doing something and somehow a goup of resin dropped on my pants and i didn't realize it until school, and then i scraped it off and rolled it into a ball and smushed it on the top of my locker.

    Weeks went by and it got hard as fuck and stuck there all year.

    I hope that shit's still there lol. One day i was fiending so bad i almost pulled it off at the end of the day to smoke it but im like nooo i can't so i didn't[/quote]

    Lol I used to have a fleece I wore a lot in highschool and every morning there would be some stems or bud or something always stuck to it lol

  7. Love the sig man, just recently discovered Krits music and I'm loving it so far. :smoking:
  8. seriously thats what i was waiting for! at least make up a story
  9. As I was reading that I forgot that it was a dream, so I was very, very ashamed of you hahaha

  10. I pictured my 9th grade geography class! :smoking:

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