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  1. I need to know what there packaging will look like because I dont want it to be see by others in my building, can someone tell me If it comes In a box or a envelope etc ? Also if I leave a note for the mail man saying leave the package without me signing for it do you think he will ?
    Thanks :D
  2. Can anyone tell me how they ship like what service ? Ups ? FedEx ? Us postal ?
    Thanks again!
  3. It will come in a green box with pictures of the strain you bought at full maturity.
    Sometimes the package says "cannabis seeds, handle with care", but I've only seen that one a handful of times.

    You have to figure that most of these places you order from are fairly liberal about their cannabis laws, and see no need to hide it.
  4. Now I mean when the package arrives in ur mail box like if it's a box or a envelope
  5. Its a box shaped like a seed!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I wiiiish haha
  7. it'll look like any other package.

  8. It just comes in an envelope fits in ur mailbox usually. Come on man u think they would still be in business if they were shipping they're product in obvious packaging. Just think a little bit or use the search tab

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