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Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, May 18, 2006.

  1. Now, I fuckin' love to get outdoors, hike and really lose myself. I was wondering if there was any of the same, here.

    My girlfriend is Bengali and has pretty much all of her family back there in Bangladesh. Its so beautiful there along the coastal areas. A real paradise. Beautiful weather and AWESOME hash. Indians and Bengalis know what the hell they're doing when it comes to THC :smoking:. I love puffin' some honey oil on the Hookah. :D

    The plan ticket over there shouldn't be expensive. But, I just want to get over there hike, and camp mostly. Or maybe stay in a village.

    Has anyone ever had a similar experience where they just thought to themselves, "Fuck it! I'm out!"? Where they just wanted to get away from most of it, live a simple life? Cause these feelings have been coming over me for awhile now...:confused:
  2. Landscaping is kinda like that, except I'm trying to hear my music over a mower/whacker...

    In all seriousness I do like to mountain bike and smoke and chill and enjoi nature, too bad I don't do that nearly enough...
  3. Hikes on mushrooms are the most enlightening experiences i've ever had.
    Cant wait till the day I do 'cid and go on a hike.
    Of course I still love hikes period, regardless of drugs.
  4. I've hiked out in the desert on shrooms. Fun times. :)

    But, I do love Bangladesh. So very nice. Hhhmm....decisions, decisions.
  5. I know what your saying. Sometimes while driving on the highway I think to myself "fuck it why stop, keep driving and setup someplace new", I don't think your crazy but just remember what your giving up.
  6. I'd love to live the simple life for a year or so, but I don't think I could go without modern technology forever. But have a blast, I can't wait until I get settled down and start doing things like that. How old are you, Heinous?
  7. Ive had the "fuck it, im out" feeling for a while now, I was seriously considering moving to a small home in Europe somewhere, and I still am.
  8. i feel almost the extact opposite way. I would feel horribly guilty just isolating myself from the problems of this world and not taking part in the stand against them.
  9. my goal is to have just enough money so that i can just live off in the woods somewhere but still have the modern convieniences i need. (i.e. supermarkets)
  10. Yea, but I feel that this path I'm going on just isn't me.

    I feel like I'm wasting my life doing the same damn thing everyday. Weird feeling, and I know its more than likely possible for me to do this with the connections I have over there.

    Just a MASSIVE decision.
  11. 20. I know its young for this feeling, but I want a great life when I'm young and can appreciate it. Not when I'm 65, retired and can't make it to the bathroom on time.

    Bangladesh villages are actually very modernized. Power, plumbing, the works. All good. :D
  12. The invention of a currency system is what cause life to get the way it did. I feel the "fuck it, i'm out" feeling like everyday of my life. The problem is, I was raised within a suburban home, so this is my comfort level, I can't go to a life of roots, because then I wouldn't feel comfortable. but the problem is, in order to sustain my living conditions, I need money. And to have money I need to put in my 9-5 every day. Life is incredibly hard. Getting up and doing the same thing, day in; day out, against my will, is not why life was originally placed on earth. We were placed here to do what we wish, not be forced into a life of menotony (sp?) I know there are workaholics, and if thats what they want to do in life, that is fine. I know my thought process isn't feasible, but i still hate the feeling. It makes me incredibly physically ill to think about it... yet I'll still be going to bed in half an hour only to wake up early and go put in a 12 hour day of shit that i don't enjoy.

    *sigh*... I get so jaded about life thinking about it... fuck this... now i'm all jaded and I'm on my sober week :(
  13. the spelling is monotony

    and yeah, i definitely see where you are coming from. however, slowly i'm letting go of the things that i used to hold dear. i'm sure it's just a matter of time before i get rid of my computer. all i need is weed.
  14. Well, looks like the wheels are in motion.

    Just got some phone numbers in Bangladesh. I have a place to stay if I need it.

    Would any GC members be interested in an asian adventure?
  15. definately sounds like you should go. If you are itching to do it, it is only going to grow until you actually do it

    i would be interested but i am a poor piece of shit. have fun though :smoke:
  16. Actually, you don't need that much money. What I normally do is research on a place I want to go. Buy a plane ticket there, and then hike around and meet the locals. Camping out when I have to. Most of the time I get free food and such.

    Its so much damn fun.

  17. Wow man, thats really cool, just goin where life takes you, in the words of ali g : RESPEK!
  18. Thanks :smoke:

    Yea, I started doing it when I was 17, lol. I would buy a roundtrip ticket with a space of about a month apart.

    Then, I'd get off the plane and set out and hike. (Of course, I'd research where I'm going first.) Then, I'd walk around speak with some english speakers, sometimes get a free night's stay somewhere, free food, then I'd be off for another hike. I would always try to make my way to the coast. Usually in the South Pacific somewhere...fuckin' beautiful.

    But, this time I want to hike in Bangladesh. Along the coast there and hike the beaches. Then, when the time came I would make my way back the airport and come on home.

    But, lately it feels that next time if I go. I don't want to come back.
  19. I think the term "wandering soul" applies well to you :)
    Find your peace of mind brotha!
  20. 65? Thats not THAT old budd :hello:

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