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    Well here we are in the beggining of our wonderful gardening season, so I figured I would put a couple medical plants outside and keep you all posted..

    I have never really done this outdoor with any success so any help along the way would be great.. I have only 2 worries.. 1 being that the amount of deer in the area is rediculous but I think the pricker bushes will keep them away. Number 2 is that they may not get enough light, but so far have been ok.

    So I started 2 Blue Goof strains in my house under 300 watts or so of 6700k CFLs. I used a soil mixture of cow manure, peat moss, perlite, garden compost, and sunshine#3. I let them grow for about 3 1/2 weeks and then put them outside about 3 days ago. I have noticed that at night they droop and in the early morning they perk back up, like straight up! So they are liking the sun and obviously are getting it. I have them set in a thick patch of prickers, ferns, and random Western Washington ground covers. They are in 1 gallon pots for now resting on top of a thicket of vines and prickers. I plan to let them fill up the pots, and then either dig holes and put a soil mixture in it, or get green grow bags... I have not decided yet.

    Anyway here is a picture.. It was taken on my celly phone so I dont know if you can make them out in the brush but they are there..

    I will try to update this weekly assuming everything goes like it should..

    See ya!!!

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  2. you probably should have kept them under the light until they were more root bound. i have a widow plant in my green house and i started it indoors in early april then moved it out into greenhouse in late april. good luck and water those things!
  3. I think you did good. Get them under the sun ASAP.

    Really hard to see in those pics.

    Good Luck.
  4. Ya, I know the picture was horrible.. I took a better one today and will post that. They seem to be fine today, and its been about 4-5 days outside now. I noticed a few little yellow spots on the leaves, but other than that they look fine.

    I am going to water them at 5am before I start off my day.. I was wondering, do I use the same nutes as I would like I was doing this indoor? I dont know if they get anything extra from being outside so is it ok to use the same stuff I use on the indoor? I use Terra Vega and Flora by Canna.. I have not yet given these babies any sort of nutes, and I am thinking its probably time..


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  5. Gave them water early this morning, no signs of intruders or deer tracks. The Deer Off seems to be working. Everything is looking good. I took a picture, and I know you cant tell by the picture but the lower parts of the leaves are almost a light hazy blue color. It is very pretty. Anyway got to go get ready, and go get a pump for my bubble cloner, I am going to start an indoor journal shortly so look for that!


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  6. Yes, under the sun as soon as you can - no light bulb can ever begin to compare with mother nature´s FREE light.
  7. They are under the light.. They have been outside in the sun for 5 or so days. They are not always getting direct light but no where around here gets full sun so I gotta work with what I got.

  8. they do look healthy! and i would use plain distilled water until about 3 weeks then use your regular ferts every other watering or so. heres some crap that will help you spot problems too.

    Plant Problems

    Always check the overall environmental conditions prior to passing judgment - soil around 7 pH or slightly less - plenty of water, light, fresh air, loose soil, no water standing in pools.


    Larger leaves turning
    yellow - smaller leaves
    still green.

    Older leaves will curl
    at edges, turn dark,
    possibly with a purple

    Mature leaves develop
    a yellowish cast
    to least veinal areas.

    Mature leaves turn
    yellow and then
    become spotted
    with edge areas
    turning dark gray.

    Cracked stems, no
    healthy support tissue.

    Small wrinkled
    leaves with
    yellowish vein systems.

    Young leaves become
    deformed, possibly


    Nitrogen deficiency
    - add nitrate of soda
    or organic fertilizer.

    Phosphorous deficiency -
    add commercial phosphate.

    Magnesium deficiency -
    add commercial fertilizer
    with a magnesium content.

    Potassium deficiency -
    add muriate of potash.

    Boron deficiency -
    add any plant food
    containing boron.

    Zinc deficiency - add
    commercial plant food
    containing zinc.

    Molybedum deficiency -
    use any plant food with a
    bit of molydbenum in it.
  9. Useful post there michie. +rep
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    That was very helpful. Thank you. It is all muggy here now, and the sun has gone.. I knew it wouldnt last long.. Damn Seattle weather.. You can tell that they do not like it as much.

    Is it bad if you have random humidity spikes? It seems to be normal for the most part but now and again it spikes up high.. I am near the ocean, like 100 yards away, maybe humidity off the salt water?? Anyway, thanks again, I will use that alot!!

    I could not seem to find any info on this, but I have ALOT of predators, birds, deer, slugs the WHOLE lot, and I am conserned that some of the fish oils in the nutes will attract unwanted guests. Last year I had pots uprooted the night after the first nute dosage.. I do not know if it was becuase of the smell, but is there anything I can do to keep pesky little varmits away? or hide the smell of the fish oils, or whatever smells good to them?
  11. yeah but the sun will be back tomorrow, and marijuana likes to grow in humid places. As long as its not too cold at night you should be fine.

    and i know one good thing, to keep slugs snails and other pest out of your plants, is to plant green onions or garlic around your crops. i havent had one problem with pests on my plants and vegitables. As for the deer, i dont know what to tell you.
  12. Keeps vampires away as well.
  13. haha good point. i wonder if it would draw more deer though.....

    build a green house!
  14. I have a zoo near me that sells cougar crap.. They say that will keep the deer away. We have 5 confirmed cougars in our close general area so the deer should know the smell...

    I will see what I cant do about onions, or chives, or something of that sort. I have narually growing chives semi close by, I notice the deer that comes in my yard daily does not eat those, but goes straight for the rose buds and then onto my boxwoods. She hasnt seem to stumble onto my plants yet, but is regularly close by. I found what looks like a game train from the woods going into my backyard and I sprayed the hell out of it with Deer Off.. I have not seen her in 2 days or so, but I have not really been paying attention either. Hoping that Deer Off did the trick.. Thinking I may go put some more all over the border of my backyard and the woods... Maybe get them used to not coming into my yard anymore. Also what seems odd to me is that I have tomatoe plants very close by to my roses that the deer eats, yet she has never even gave the tomatoes a second look. There are no actually tomatoes but I figured the deer would love it.. Oh well, anyway I am going to get some cougar crap, and put it everywhere!! I would think the deer are more cautious this time of year, due to the new babies they are carrying or looking after. I am fairly sure the deer that frequents my yard is preggers. She has quite a belly on her.. Guess we shall find out soon.

    Rambling on (heavily medicated) so ya, stay posted! I just had 9 of my new babies pop today, so I am going to take some pics and start an indoor journal..

  15. how about that sun today? :D
    it was almost 110 in my green house around 12:30
  16. I actually have not checked on my babies today, but the weather was sooo nice!! I was dying in my car today.. :( I had to go to the big city to get a membership at a local cannabis resource center (which I might add, very happy this time!)

    Came accross some interesting strains today that I am preparing to try here in a moment.

    1: Willys Wonder - looks really good, really long tricomes when it was under the scope
    2: Northern lights x Wicket (i think) Has a really really great smell, awaiting the taste results
    3:Train Wreck- I have seen alot of this lately but NOT like this batch. This has that almost alcohol, diesel smell to it (what I call it) and is super dense, wonderful nugs.

    -Took a pause-

    So, I didnt get past the TW.. It tastes almost like it smells and packs a wallop.. I am done for now, LOL...

    Anyone know a good recipe for sugar and fan leaves? I have a brown bag of em, just now dried.. I know they can be used but any recommendations? I have about 2 ounces I assume, maybe less...

    I will look at the plants before sunset and take a pic or 2 for ya!

  17. Well here is the pic.. They are stretching out alot more so than if they were inside.. I assume thats normal.. Should I pinch the tops this early? I want them to be short and fat... Anyway enjoy.


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  18. Looking good. Do you have a sunnier spot for them? You should only top if they can get a full days worth of sun. If not, they need as little stress as possible!

    I wish you luck,
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    Actually these look pretty good. You are smart to have the pots in the ground to keep them cool. I think the reason for the stretch is that they sense the surrounding plants and are stretching to compete. I would move them to ground in a week or at least large pots (those pots they are in are way small) and bury most of that long stem. Then top them after the 5th or 6th set of fan leaves. But that's just my each his (or her) own! Good luck

  20. Thank you! That was my plan.. There is a sunnier spot about 10 feet to the left and 5 feet back from where they are at, I just need to have the man go out and do some tree trimming and I am good to go.. I just put them in those pots a week ago, so I am going to let them fill them out for a couple weeks since they just got used to being in them. Then digging 2 big holes and dumping them in ground.. Do you think I should trim the surrounding bushes the same height as my MMJ canopy? I notice one bush us trying to grow over top the MJ, its trying to steal her spotlight...

    Anyway, I saw them this morning and they are shooting out branches and the leaves are starting to get the cool blue viens!


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