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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by UrbanSpartan, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. For growers growing in states such as washington or oregon or even Vancouver Canada,
    outdoor conditions are pretty wet and humid during the months of september, october, november.

    Is it possible to grow outdoors in these 3 areas even with the early heavy rainfall
    that comes at the begining of september?

    Rain could cause buds to mould and fungus up.
  2. you kinda answered your own question?

    If u are bringing you plants outside for flowering i dunno maybe but the cold will start soon so.
  3. yes you can. it is important to shake the water off the buds every morning to prevent molding. i'm hoping this week of sunshine will be my last week everything has flowered nicely, just fattening them up a bit before harvest.
  4. you could always cover them like i did, in some cases anyways.

  5. yeah a cover is sweet. i want a "pot collar" a cover that only covers the pot the is growing in (straight from the department of redundancy department) leaving the plant exposed to the elements and the root system covered. i have done 2 successful and 1 soon to be very successful outdoor grows in the greater puget sound area. and the biggest issue that i have is in there is too much. especially when it is time to feed the suckers and you want to know exactly what they are getting....

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