Pacific Crest Trail

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  1. I want to leave my current life, and live and blaze on the trail for a year or two. I need a partner, who lives in CA and could commit to this type of trip
  2. first of all, u have to hike it in less then a year, becuase of snow and stuff.

    second, its not an easy hike. you need to be well researched and prepared.

    a thru hike is a good way to escape, but you arnt gonna find many people willing to hike it with you.
  3. id plan it out to be south in winter and north in summer. ideally, i would like to make hidden mostly-permanent shelters towards each end of the trail and migrate back and forth. i did this short term in the redwood forests when i was homeless, and im definitely ready to make it longterm. the trip plans would include stops at towns for supplies and post offices to mail ahead and pick up supplies. i understand that it is described as a moderate to difficult hike. I take that to mean extreme weather and trail conditions, as well as an almost equal time spent rockclimbing as walking.

  4. bro i just made a thread on the same subject. never heard of pacific crest. i was concidering appalanchain. LETS GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE
  5. Yo that sounds like the best idea ive ever heard of, you planning on starting this immediately or are you gonna take some time to prep for it? Im in the exact same situation as you are, I need to get the fuck away fast. Made a quick list of everything I could sell last night while faded and sleepless days and ill have about 5grand(probably more once get it all together), this is where our plans are different though, im gonna buy an xr400(2grand) and deck it out for touring(1-2grand) then take the trans american trail from tennesse to oregon(dirt roads all the way:D and camping) and keep going(alaska, baja) till I run out of money. I was planning on doing this next september so I could aqquire much more cash and be gone for much longer but my situations getting worse and I have nothing so id like to escape asap. Your idea sounds awesome though and full of adventure so if our timing matches up id love to get in on this, message me if you want.
  6. hahaha plan on doing this? Count me in

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