PACE opens hearings on 'falsified' swine flu pandemic

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  1. PACE to open hearings on 'falsified' swine flu pandemic | Top Russian news and analysis online | 'RIA Novosti' newswire

    It's funny how you can barely see the this news anywhere on google, haven't checked any other search engine.

    PACE is to open hearings on Monday on pharmaceutical companies' possible influence on the global swine flu campaign and on the World Health Organization, a Russian daily reported.
    The 47-nation Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is conducting an inquiry into an alleged conspiracy between the WHO, the pharmaceutical industry and scientists which could "expose millions of healthy people to the risk of side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines," caused damage to public budgets and to health agencies' credibility, according to a PACE resolution.
    The motion was introduced by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, head of the health committee, former German lawmaker and a specialist in lung disease, who called the current pandemic "one of the greatest medical scandals of the century."
    WHO declared the pandemic in June 2009 on the advice of a group of experts many of whom are believed to have financial ties with pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, and benefited from the production of drugs and H1N1 vaccines. PACE will also look into the global campaign against bird flu.
    The Russian business daily Kommersant said representatives of the companies have been summoned to the French Senate over the case scheduled on January 20.
    Russia's lower house of parliament, the State Duma, said Russia should withdraw from the global health body if the corruption suspicions are proven, the paper said.
    The paper cited JP Morgan which said pharmaceutical companies have earned around $7.5-$10 billion on H1N1 vaccines.
    WHO General Director Dr. Margaret Chan told Kommersant there are no reasons to say there was no pandemic. She said the number of confirmed swine flu cases exceeds 13,000 in 205 countries across the globe.
    Dr. Chan told the paper the WHO will launch its own inquiry into measures to curb the pandemic, but denied the organization's officials were linked to vaccine production.
    The WHO said in December the death toll from swine flu outbreak was 11,516.

    It looks like most of us here in GC were right all along, good job on not getting the shot guys :D
  2. I know of one person who got 'swine flu', and it's a friend over the internet. GG hysteria.
  3. I knew a couple of kids that got swine flu, but they took some Theraflu or something and they were fine, they said it was less severe than a normal flu.
  4. I know of plenty of people who got flu symptoms, didn't get vaccinated, didn't get medical treatment, let alone get diagnosed, still went to their college classes, work, and partying at frats, friends houses, bars and clubs, spread it everywhere, and no one died. Scary ain't it. :eek:
  5. I have to say, I've had the same exact experience so far this winter. I know plenty of people that if diagnosed by a professional, would probably be said to have the H1N1 virus; however, most, if not all, of these people didn't seek medical treatment and got over the sickness in due time.

    You probably have a better chance of dying on your way to work then you have from the swine flu and yet we declare a national emergency over the swine flu. Classic.
  6. I had it , and all I did was drink alot of water and take a bit of nyquil for the first three days, and by day six i was pretty much back to normal besides some residual phlem.

    Swine flu can kill but so can the normal flu, theres nothing special or scary about this flu, other than the media gave it the name swine flu.

    And now there trying to convince us there will be a second wave this spring
  7. I smoked blunts with people who had the flu last year, and didn't even catch a cold.

    I don't get vaccines.
  8. Its a little bit frightening knowing that they have the ability to spread this kind of fear. It makes me laugh at all those threads claiming that the swine flu was the beginning of the NWO and that everyone was going to be put in FEMA camps etc etc.

  9. Yeah, they only made billions of dollars through questionable methods. :rolleyes: I hope they have a better lawyer than Bernie Madoff.
  10. You know who is not aware of any of this, Doctors. Hospital workers seem to be clueless about the scam aspect of H1N1.

    Go ahead and ask your doc if he has even heard of these charges and I'll bet anything that he has not.
  11. The reason is most doctors don't care about their patients enough. It's a sad fact, but they make a lot of money off H1N1 and a lot of doctors can't really turn away money at this point. A doctor's first priority, like most people, it is to cover their own ass. This means trying to squeeze the most money out of every patient while still keeping their practice.

    Although, my dad is a family physician and he definitely understands how overblown this swine flu pandemic is. There are good doctors out there who aren't totally oblivious to the world around them, but, like my dad will tell you, they're few and far between.

  12. I had 80% of the symptoms, didn't get vaccinated and am by no means healthy(or as much as 'd like to be) and I turned out fine. I know of plenty of people that were diagnosed with H1N1, based off of less symptoms then I had, that lost a lot of work for absolutely nothing. Mind you, I never went to a doctor, but that could be because I didn't fall into the mass hysteria. I can't help but laugh when I see any H1N1 precautions posters that are still up.

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