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PA Treeeees, Dry Hammer, Homemade Perc Bub && More.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by purpelyorange, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. These pics were all taken for personal documentation and I know the quality kinda sucks but I figured I would post them up for the hell of it :D. Not ment to be weed porn just showin what I been smoking on. I have lots more pics of my bongs, bud and my other pieces on my laptop that I will post up if I get the chance. Hope I don't get shot down, figured posting these was better then nothing at all :confused:.

    First pic is a nice fat nug of some bangin nugget. Not sure about this slang term but pretty much interchangeable with "outdoor". Good seedless weed without crazy bag appeal or a strain name

    Next, is silver haze x chemdawg. Dubbed "Greyhound". Cured to perfection, super tastey and potent.

    Then a bad pic of some great bud. Oldschool Kush.

    Next pic is the homemade and my hammer. Hammer was $20 and is the best piece I own as far as value.

    Really wish I had a decent camera for the last pic. Was some Jack Herer that happened to have the most trichomes of any pick up I ever got. Along with some of its kief and a supercharged jay I rolled with the jack and a lot of mixed kief.

    Picking up a QP of mids tomorow and making QWISO with atleast an OZ of it so that will prolly be the next pics for your enjoyment.

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  2. uh, the last pic, is that your bongcock?
  3. yeah im not a professional, but i'm pretty sure that is a bongcock
  4. Is that not his sig?
  5. yo nice dank man. where u from in pa. im from pa too york county:smoking::wave:
  6. nice pics and im diggin the homemade
  7. Lookin forward to seeing the QWISO!
  8. lol not bad kush, the homemade looks very strange tho, i would rather rip out of a glass anyday tho tbh :smoking:
  9. My guy gave me 50 dollars of bud for free for a "customer" but un-knowingly it was cause he beat him. The weed was laced with bad vibes so I smoked it all.

    $70 A quarter of frosty cali. Would have been $130 but mids are too much right now and some bad shit happened.

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  10. Good stuff, but where in PA? 814 here. :)
  11. :smoke:610:smoke:
  12. Where'd you get the tube man? Anywhere local? Closest place I can find around here is called Benjamin Beetle out in Butler. Little shop, little overpriced, nothing REAL nice, but I did pick up a nice little sherlock for $35. Color changing, but thin. =\
  13. I got the same blunt wraps... they fucking suck, don't ever buy those. I had like 12 in my freezer, 4 ripped cuz of the sticky shit holding the wrap together. i threw the rest out. went and bought a zigzag :cool:
  14. I'm diggin that blue idelphi
  15. The illy? Little bit busted right now but I got it for $150 bucks at a sex shop :hello:. Decent shops round here.

    Here's a little bud, normal sensi nug nothing too crazy, still way better than beasters.

    Good news today, zips of dank ~100 bucks cheaper. :smoking::D

    Hope this bump lets some more PA heads find this thread. :wave:
  16. Here's some more pics of some very nice specimens straight out of PA. Some cali herb and some super potent fresh hash that got even nicer when put in a jar and burp cured to get more of the water out. I'm assuming this was some ice hash from an outdoor harvest or something, very very potent crumbly yet putty like when worked right. I smoked up a lightweight with this stuff and after managing to choke down 2 good size puffs they were having giggle fits. Long lasting high that started with rushing heady high and then a long body stone depending on how much you smoke! Wish hash came around here more often. :wave:

    I know these pics aren't the best but I'm workin with what I got and I like buying these spicy trees instead of cameras to take pics of them!

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