PA on its way?

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  1. Sadly it's really not.
  2. ^

    Probably won't succeed, but serves its purpose to bring legalization activism to the minds of citizens and support the issues existence
  3. 80% approval of medical marijuana yet it's still not going to happen for a few more years unless it gets removed federally I believe.
  4. Hopefully your state legislature won't Sandusky this bill!
  5. I hope it does succeed, but if it fails it's not the end of the world

    Cannabis will be legalized, worldwide

    It can't help to happen, and I believe it will save the world
  6. i live close to PA!
  7. Reppin York, pa, lets get this shit done I'm ready to toke legally, I wanna be done with this black market bullshit.
  8. In the past our govener has shown fucked up signs of not even giving the whole bill a chance, he took 12 min to read the bill last time -,-
  9. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I commute up to York so this would be badass. MOM (Gov Martin O'Malley, but its more fun to call him mom) will never go for this in MD with his half baked idea that he will run for president in 2016.
  10. The guy who wrote the bill, Sen. Leach, just put a piece in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette explaining his position and facts, hopefully people will read it and get on it.
  11. That would be amazing.
  12. The only things you can count on in Pennsylvania are more taxes, the roads getting worse, Old Politicians getting more power thru corruption, more trucks ruining our already shot road system and the State Liquor Control board and Turnpike Commission getting more greedy every year. Nothing will ever change here until the old guard political machine either dies off or gets voted OUT. PLEASE VOTE.
  13. Soo true but let's not forget Corbett. He said he would shut it down
  14. I think PA's got good chances. Far better than Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, or any of that other bullshit.
  15. Reppin Johnstown here. I really hope this passes. I highly doubt it will though.
  16. I highly, highly doubt that it won't get the butt plug, but it would be a big step forward for PA. I didn't see this for another 2 to 3 years, it will just bring more and more interesting until enough people are involved where it either passes or members holding it up are voted out. Either way, it's a huge step forward with ultra conservative western PA.
  17. Wow haha if my old city/state legalized marijuana before California does, I'll be amazed. I remember being in Philly smoking my first blunt paranoid as shit hahaha. Oh well. That'll make visiting my parents awesome as shit.
  18. In Philly it's decriminalized 200 dollar fine no court and that's the worst , most the time they make u just put it out anymore
  19. Pshhh they still crack down in Harrisburg.....our city is $300 million in debt and we have a whole police department devoted to busting small time smokers and traffic stops for expired registrations

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