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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by toking247, May 28, 2010.

  1. Me and 2 friends were toking up at a school on some nug and the cops came up, my 2 friends had shit on them and i didnt and the cop was like ur free to go now, but u mite get arrested latr we dont no now. so do they have anything on me and can they arrested me in the future?? is any one familar with PA marijuana laws?

    the one kid was underage and my other friend was 19 and i 18
  2. did he take your name down? and even if you end up getting arrested, hire a lawyer and hell get you out of it. IF you didnt have any on you and their not arresting you for being intoxicated in public then you have no reason to be arrested. what the heck you doin tokin at a school? gotta be more smart about stuff
  3. yea i gave him my name and adress but my cell number and i was like i only took 1 hit, but my story not match mine tho?
  4. the DA will review the officers report and decide
    a) to let you go (doubtful)
    b) file and let mail you a court date - if you dont show up they will issue a warrant. (since this is a misd. this is probably what will happen)
    c) the could file asking for a warrant at the same time. The usually only do that in felony cases in most juridictions.

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