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  1. CNN says Tom Wolfe wins the Pennsylvania governor seat. Here's to hoping the laws get changed for medical/recreational use!

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  2. is corbett still in office?
  3. - edit - nvm wolfe beat him. corbett said any measures that reached his desk hed just deny them so thank god that shitstain was not re elected. I live in 570 area :hello:
  4. For sure things are hopefully going to change for the better. Even the hardcore republicans in central pa hated him. Good to meet ya in in the 412 area just outside of Pitt.

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  5. Wolf supports medical, so it's only a matter of time.

    215 decriminalized master race checking in
  6. I truly hope Wolf keeps his campaign promises..medical cannabis is great but it will be strictly limited in its uses if cannabis is legalized for recreational use as well..Free Up the Weed!
  7. Ill just keep growin my own. F'em.
  8. Amen to that!

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