Pa died 10 years ago. And so...

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  1. Just thought I would share for some advice.

    This year will mark the tenth anniversary since my father's death. To commemorate, I'm about to go through the training to become a group counsellor for children who have lost a parent or family member. I went through the same program when I was younger. It's strictly volunteer work. No pay or anything.

    I'm not really good with kids, and I have some anger issues I've been trying for a couple years to deal with, and it's been getting better. I feel like this will be like a late coming-to-terms kind of thing. I used to be seriously depressed, and I always wanted to give something back and change lives, and I feel like this is the time to do it.

    I was hoping for advice from anyone who might be in a similar field or who works with kids, any tips you have or anything. Thank you [:
  2. This should be really good for you and the kids. Nice to know that people still care for one and another in this world.
  3. It just makes me nervous because what are you supposed to say when some six year old kid comes up and asks why his mom died?
  4. Kids arent that bad man. At first i didnt like them now i work at the ymca and gonna be sad seeing them leave

  5. Yeah man, that would be a little sucky, some off the smaller kids might not understand.

    Really cool that you're doing this though, props to you. :hello:
  6. Hopefully they'll mention something about it during training, also the whole "Where do you go when you die" questions... I'll try and keep this updated lol.
  7. Just do your best and say what you think, nothing you say is a wrong answer to a child, they respect you and look up to you.

    Props to you for doing this, not many people would.

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