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PA Blue Cheese

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wuidd420, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. some pa blue cheese i picked up today. 40 for a dub. pretty good i think. :bongin:

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  2. lol no...just no...u best be trollin bruh or ur gettin ripped hard.
  3. I smell a troll
  4. Probably not east coast dank runs high plus dude probably got ripped on what he thought was an exotic strain... I'd still smoke on that though man
  5. you do know a dub is just $20 of weed and not an actual weight right?
  6. 40$ for 2gs is mind blowing
  7. For some reason all the best weed we get up here has terrible manicures. Cool with me all the trichs under the leaves are perfectly intact.
  8. [quote name='"XiaoGG"']you do know a dub is just $20 of weed and not an actual weight right?[/quote]

    everyone i've ever met who will even sell dubs is always 2g. lol
  9. obvi troll is obvi or just stupid
  10. Lol looks like 10 dollar a gram weed to me.

  11. it smokes a lot better than it looks. its a bad camera too. i'll try to get a better picture. lol
  12. oh sorry, i thought you paid $40 for just a gram since a dub ($20 worth) is usually a gram. I take back what i said, the price is still high but you didn't get ripped like i thought you did.
  13. thats dirty brown looking...
    My buddy's blue cheese crop is finally done, and that shit is fucking amazing. So stanky its unbelievable. And it actually looks tasty, unlike yours lol..
    40 for a dub sucks balls too lol no offense brah Im just tellin it as it is..
  14. dub is 20$ but some people say dub for 2 g's, sooo....
    stop hatin, even if it don't make sense

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