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  1. Holy fuck
    All I have to say
  2. I know it is crazy. I only have done 2 sessions and couldn't finish either. Only got half way through them! (I only tried the yoga which is 90 minutes and the kenpo which is 60). I am beat but it feels good. Hoping this helps my overall health because it has been pretty bad recently. I never knew yoga was tiring. And to think I thought it was just stretching haha. How many videos have you tried?
  3. I am still on the first month and I replace shoulders, arms, and triceps day with cardio X. I do this because my arms are already big from working at UPS. I enjoy all of the routines and they all get me an amazing workout, cant wait for month two ALMOST TIME TO SWITCH IT UP! :devious:
  4. I did it after a bad knee injury, and I lost 40 pounds on it. Definitely works. You just HAVE TO PUSH PLAY HAHAHAHA. Seriously, Tony is kind of a dick, but his stuff works.
  5. yea the first week for me was difficult to finish an entire workout without taking a breather.

    you will be amazed how quick you will be able to do Ab Ripper all the way through with giving up on anything. but whats up with that completely ripped Black Guy in the ab ripper video? that sir, is not an average Joe.
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    I have been doing the chest and back shoulder and arms, ab ripper X (which is 15 minutes of hell!!) and I think back and bi's. It'd be easier to remember but I'm at my moms and I dont have the DVD with me

  7. The point of the various people in the videos is to demonstrate the various ways you can modify the exercises depending on your personal fitness level. Tony suggests easier/harder versions, and uses his various athletes to demonstrate the modifications. The ripped black dude (Adam I think?) usually demonstrates the harder versions.
  8. That black dude in the ab ripper X is fucking huge!

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