P90X: The beginning of the End

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  1. Im starting P90X this wednesday, Im already in pretty great shape but I wanna be like fuckin Kratos, if anyone has done or is doing this program lemme know how your results are so far! :wave:
  2. Your bench and squat tell me that P90X will do very little for you in terms of helping you look like Kratos.

    P90X just isn't that great for muscle building. It is for beginning trainees seeking body recomposition.

    If you are hurting on muscular endurance and cardio, it will probably help you there. But in terms of visual impact....meh.
  3. Ok Kratos wasnt a good comparison i guess.. Im about 175 pounds and need more stomach definition. I know that this will degrade my overall muscle strength but im thinking get down to a nice looking core, and then after that just work hard to keep the body fat % down and muscle up.. Kinda a whipe the slate clean kinda thing. Sorry if this didnt make sense :rolleyes:
  4. Honestly, I think you'd do much better (if you're looking for definition, abs) just doing a traditional cut cycle.

    Eat 250-500 calories below your maintenance and lift weights 3x a week.
  5. p90x may be good for pumping you up, but seriously. The guy is a super old dude. I wouldn't be too impressed by him. The only way to achieve your body goals is through science, not gimmicks. Learn about the different muscles of the body, and how each of them have to be trained and strengthened, because they work together and they exist in symbiotic/complementary relationships. Find the machines and the different movements that train these parts. Then put your infinite motivation and determination and you shall become the strongest man on earth, most certainly by the time you're the age of Tony whatever his name is.
    if you truly work with the anatomical science of the body and its mechanics. Very few people, I think do this, professional athletes or professional body builders.
  6. If you're cutting, P90x is a great tool. A lot of people have seen great results from the 90 days but you have to remember that the reason it's so effective at cutting fat is because of the diet plan it comes with. The workout is just a way to burn a few extra calories.

    When I cut, I usually stick to a strength-based routine while stacking ephedrine HCL and caffeine as an appetite suppressant. Works wonders and my lifts are usually relatively stable. I've got a link if anyone wants to read more about EC stack.
  7. The thing about using P90X to cut is this:

    1. Workouts not ideal to preserve maximum amount of muscle
    2. Diet plan is too static. The deficit, especially at first might be too big and cause too much weight loss too quickly = muscle loss.

    When cutting you want as much muscle kept as possible so when the fat comes off you actually have some meat left to be defined.
  8. p90x is a great way for toning.. if you eat healthy you will lost fat and get very fit..

    ab ripper x also hurts :smoking:
  9. Agree with Madrid as per ideal way of reaching your goal

    Although programs like this are fun and spice things up, and will improve areas often overlooked by typical lifters
  10. So I am interested in this....what exactly is it? My friend (who is fat) has lost 18 pounds by doing this...I think she has been doing this for a month. I don't know additional details though. Anyways, is it good for burning fat? Or is it for toning up?
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyOVeiF3EZc]YouTube - P90X Commercial: Part 1 of 3[/ame]

    here is the commercial

    It is basically a series of workout tapes that you follow 6 out of 7 days a week for 90 days straight. The workouts are 45-90 mins long of bodyweight exercises, simple dumbbell movements, and cardio. They also give you a diet plan to follow. It promises to both build muscle/"tone" and burn fat at the same time. It is best geared for people who are not in any significantly good shape to start a fitness oriented lifestyle.
  12. Eat right, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups

  13. You do realize "toning" and burning fat are the same thing right?

    I hate that word.
  14. Calm down. I'm just saying, I want to lose weight and work on my mid section specifically. I fear loose skin so much lol my friend says she'd sell me a copy of p90x. I honestly am not in a rush and don't expect results in 90 days but I would like to know if this is good for fat loss.

  15. That's all Bruce Lee did. Honestly, that's how I'm trying to get. I mean I'm sure he's used vitamins and such, but on the surface sit ups, push ups, pull ups...perhaps even some weighted push ups.
  16. Im gonna post my results in 15 day intervals and you can be the judge
  17. well my friend that is gonna sell me the copies has gone from a size 18 to a size 12 in 2 months and has only been using p90x for one month going on two now. (she lost 11 pounds going to the gym but then started p90x). my jaw literally dropped when i saw her before and after. it's crazy. im really motivated to do this. that's fucking insane. i can't believe shes the same person! i know the work outs are going to suck ass and im gonna die midway but god damn it if shes getting results like that then it looks 200% worth it!!!
  18. That is not true. Bruce Lee weight trained regularly. He recognized the indispensable benefits to his strength.

  19. You won't get bigger with p90x although you will get more defined. Skip the p90x and get to squatting, deadlifting, benching and all the minor lifts that compliment those 3 most important ones. Compound > resistance.

    I will say this though, their Ab Ripper X is legit. If you want really defined abs/6 pack, stick with it and you will see results.
  20. P90X is a pretty quality program. It's not perfect, but it will build a very good athletic base for you, and yes, you will get pretty cut as long as you eat right. That being said, it is possible to achieve the same goals faster with a program more geared to you. If you want to burn fat and have a strong core, I recommend circuit training a la Crossfit and such. For example, today was a muscle endurance day for me. I went out to the rugby pitch and did laps with a station at each 1/2 lap (burpees, star jumps, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, pushups, lunges, situps, pike-ups, v-ups, cross crunches, bicycles, flutterkicks, bridge pushups, you name it). I threw some intervals in there as well (sprint the length of the field, jog the width). I think that's a pretty good way to burn a lot of calories and get a solid core, as well as build muscular endurance. This is just what I'm doing to get in shape for the fall rugby season, so perhaps you might want to design a different sort of program for yourself, but I think you see what I'm getting at.
    By the way, this post is for anyone, it is not directed to anyone in particular. Good luck everyone... get swole!

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