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P/Sure Synthetic Urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by laurin1989, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. I just called my local head shop and they said they have P/Sure Synthetic Urine and I am about to head up that way to buy it for my up coming drug test, but I'm wondering if it is the same thing as Quick Fix, because I heard many good things about it.

    Has anybody tryed P/Sure and will it work?
  2. I just used p-sure on 3/19/09 and passed the drug test for pre-employment and have been offered the job and the job is in a medical clinic! I was nervous and have never used synthetic urine. I microwaved the psure for 10 seconds because I was getting nervous when I wasnt noticing the temp register on the temp strip after 45 min even though directions say to allow 60-90 min. I then thought the temp strip was not working but the synthetic urine had just gotten too hot and needed to cool down to register. I stopped at the local drug store and bought another temp strip for $2 and the psure had cooled off a little by this time. The temp strips differed by about 2 degrees. They did lock up my purse and wasnt allowed to flush the toilet or wash my hands. I almost bought a digital thermometer to check the temp but thank god i didnt do that because they BEEP! There was a temp strip on the urine collector i was given and it went smooth..poured the psure in checked all 3 temps and there was only a difference of about 2 degrees. I passed and so will you. Just follow the directions and the local headshop here gave me some additional pointers...screw the top off of the psure and pour it in rather than squirting it and also if you are worried about it being too warm you can put the psure container against the cool toilet bowl or back to cool down the psure. I did get a little warm carrying the psure in between my legs..i put it in a fleece sock and put in my underware...i was a little warm but it worked! I couldnt find much info when I was looking before i took my ua last week. Good luck! :smoking:
  3. Thank You SOOOOOO MUCHH!! The P-sure was super easy to use and most imortantly... IT WORKED PERFECT!!!:hello:
  4. I just used this product, purchased from a local shop. I was a nervous wreck, I'd never used that product before. I went home, read the directions and went to my appointment the following day and gave them my purchased sample. I had to wait a week to find out my test results, but wham! I passed! P Sure is awesome! Thank you for the product. You Rock!

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