P.O. Boxes and customs

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Prodigal_Son, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Im from chicago in the usa..i know they said if u have question contanct their online support..and it says u have to register to do so tho..and it asks for address...and if thats the address that they r gonna be delivering too.then i dont wanna take the chance yet, because you see i want to get a PO box cuz i move around alot(just in the city tho) so havin a PO box gives me a mailbox..basically i just want this cuz if im stayin somehwere i dont want them knowin im gonna order bongs or something. i was wondering if this site delivers to Po boxes also, cuz if they dont i didnt wanna register a PO box and give them the info if they dont...also i wanna know what custms would be like in usa..more specific chicago...i wanna know what the chances are that it will get confiscated..cuz it will be goin to a PO box..any feedback will be much appreciated.thank you
  2. Yes they send to a PO box..

    Customs usually doesn't bother the stuff from here.. It i wrapped in a plain box so there isn't any idication of whats in the box..

    Order if you want to. it should arrive fine!!!!!
  3. thanks, i plan on orderin a vaporizer soon, but first i want to order a water pipe..which cost 12 bucks..just to make sure everything will go down..i will be sending money so uhh im not exactly sure the right way, just put it in an envelope, put a stamp on, put the address and put it in a mail box? is it that simple, or is there a more secure way i should take? and how long would it take?

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