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Discussion in 'General' started by viper9, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. ok, heres the thing. me and my friend are planning on getting a bong this summer. we can get moneyorder but i was wondering how i would go about getting a p.o. box to mail it to. my friend's mom is a mail carrier so i dont know if thats such a good idea. but we gotta try.

    i was also wondering about price of the p.o. box and shit like that too. thanks.

  2. yea ive been wondering about this also..cus itd be much easier and i could be alot more carefree
  3. except if you need to ask you parents for a ride to the postoffice :p
  4. haha well i know i dont..so how do you do it?
  5. i heard that P.O Boxes are really cheap, my friend said it was like $30 a year! im not that sure tho. Jus go to a post office and ask for info on a PO Box.
  6. alright, cool. another thing is, does anyone know if you have to be a certain age or something. that would help.
  7. im not sure, u might have to be 18, i dont know, jus go to ur closest post office, and ask someone working there.
  8. If you're not of age you could probly put something up for sale on e-bay and then tell your mom you need a p.o. box because you dont want to give out your home adress and that they will send you money to the p.o. box. Then order a bong or w/e u want and check the box everyday until it comes.


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