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Discussion in 'General' started by nja_0001, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I am about to order some seeds, and do not want them or anything related to my little project coming to my house. Would setting up a P.O. Box somewhere close be good. I know you have to fill a form out but could you not just give fake info, or do you have to show ID and all that stuff?
  2. i have had a po box for about two years now to get boongs and such shipped to without anyone knowing and it has always worked great for me. you usua;y need two forms of id...but if customs sees seeds being shipped to the US (if thats where your from) you can get in trouble possible. but they give you and only you a key and when your shippment arrives you get a slip in your box telling you its here if the actuall package does not fit in the po box itself.....its a good idea
  3. The PO box is even more tied to you than your house mail box. At least at your house you could say that someone else who lived there ordered it (which would be sort of messed up) or that a stranger ordered it hoping to intercept it before you got home. At your PO box they know your the only person that has a key and they film you picking up the stuff at most locations. Most people with covert PO boxes get them with fake id or in someone elses name.

    But honestly, I dont think anyone has ever seen serious consequences from getting seeds caught in customs. All they do is send you a letter saying they found the seeds. No prosecution, no investigation. Its like a parking ticket that you dont have to pay.
  4. send them to my house.
  5. i would highly recommend against ordering seeds off the net. i bet a lot of them are fed set ups. they might send you the seeds, wait 3 months so your plants will be growing, and then come raid you.
  6. ...or you can just do a lil research and find online seed banks that have been around for a while and have good reviews.

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