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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SECNEEK, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. HEY WHATS UP GUYS/GIRLS.. its been a minute since i last posted... but my buds are doing good.. i harvested 3 or 4 days ago and there hanging to dry...ill have pics soon..

    ANYWAYS my friend has been growin some killa shit outside since Spring Break, and so far there only TWO 1/2 feet tall..Nice node spacing, smells great... But there are 2 plants. joined as one, in a tub of soil.,, Very close together, there like twins.. I dont wanna transplant them because i dont wanna damage roots if i take the plant out.. So im gonna leave them, and if one is a male, ill chop him down... But my question is.. (Can i take those plants that have been growing outside, and bring them Inside so i can start the flowering stage?) Cause he does not wanna wait any longer, and does not want them any much bigger , because of there location...So im guessing they will get like 4 maybe 5 feet when i flower... But "IS IT OK" to bring them indoors to flower??
    i have Two 70w HPS at 140 w all together.. and like 40w of floro at the bottom.. will this work>>???????
  2. here is a pic... dunno what strain it is

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  3. yo secneek you think you ca post a picture of your harvest??a picture of your plant drying would be cool..
    I am sorta hesitant to start harvesting...i want to see the stage your plant was when you decided to cut it....
    did you go out and buy a magnify glass or did ya just wait to see 70% of the hairs to turn red?
    also have you smoked any of your plant yet....?
  4. yes you can bring them inside....just be carefull and keep an eye on any predators on the plant, because you may bring in the pest, but not the animal that eats the pests, and they could live freely.............but yeah i don't see why not, if you really wanna..........Peace out........Sid
  5. You can shorten them a foot or two if you scrog them. Because having a 5' indoor plant is usless, the light dosent get everywhere.
  6. IRONMAN i will have pics soon.. my camera is charging as we speak.. And i waited till 85% of the hairs turned red.. i smoked a peice of it in a bong, and it tasted nasty, it was wayy to wet,, but smells sweet and looks fluffy...

    SID...Are u talking about Spider mights? Those white transparent bugs? What can i use on the plant to get rid of them? Because there are bugs on the leaves and stuff..

    Grower.. How can i Scrog them, what does that mean exactly?
    Is it like cloning? Chop 6 maybe 7 inches from the tops of them be 4 flower?
  7. sorry to hear that sec. ..did ya dry your lil bud for a couple of days 1st?....or did ya just pull it straight off and started smoking it:)??
    I bought a 60x light scope....only 1 they had worth a crap but anyways my trichromes look like little clear water towers:)
    some are milky tho....
    if you dont know what a water tower looks like it can also be compared to a clear golf ball on a clear t...:)
    i only looked at the trichomes on the leafs..
    why are they called TRIchromes??? doesnt TRI mean three.?
    sorry secneek i shoulda just posted a new thread..:)
  8. i want the pics secneek:)
  9. Me too! Wanna see those buds!
    You helped me loads with my first (current) grow. I've been following yours since you started posting.
    Come on, let us see the result!!!

    (Well done dude!)
  10. The leaves are sort of short and fat, much like Indicas. A sativa plants leaves are much skinnier than your photos show.

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