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  1. I, like countless other teens suffer from something that most people don't know about and often misjudge us for. It's called P.H.S. or party hoe syndrome. I just can't control it. Whenever i'm at a party, I just have to have a boy. But, the problem is that I don't really want a boyfriend. I get sick of them really fast. I hate being tied down, I have to be able to go out and flirt and do my thing. A very good indicator of having P.H.S. is the constant dumping of perfectly nice, sweet guys, or girls for some of you, just because you get bored of them and you want someone new.
    Or if your like me and you always make the excuse that you know it isn't going to work out so there is no use dragging it out.
    So you see, some people may call me a slut but that's just because they're not educated ;)
  2. that....was.....the most.....RANDOM...piece of post..... I have ever read.....I LOVED IT.....so did the ice cream man!...we can both relate....because both of us (and namron) are party hoes as well!!
  3. RMJL is the biggest PH..but she'll never admit it.....
  4. I'm glad you took the first step and admitted your problem Nubbin and I just want you to know it's okay and your not alone ;)

    p.s. this post was kind of in response to my pimpin' in Hawaii post.

    p.s.s. I am definatly special Critter and don't worry, safety first ;)
  5. Yes...my mother always told me protectiong first. Now I carry siran wrap and tuct tape wherever I go
  6. Remember, the saran goes on her cooch, not over your mouth ;)

    We wouldn't want you to be come a statistic on safe sex suffocation ;)
  7. yes..and I also bring along balloon animal balloons.....having practically a fifth limb is hard sometimes
  8. hahahahahha *lol*

  9. ewww...

    I think it would be really funny if some dude actually did pull out saran. They taught us about that in sex ed when i was highschool, funny shit.. but then I am not putting my mouth on any cooch that I have to worry about using saran wrap on.
  10. sniff sniff....

    something smells like roast beef

  11. Agreed, if that happened, there would be no more sex. I would be laughing too hard
  12. HAHAHAHAHA...THANKS..HAHAH...thank you HANK!!...i never knew i had PHS until you brainwashed me... lmmfao...oh..and by the way, there is nothing wrong with saran wrap..and wtf is tuct tape..ive heard of Duct tape HANK!..but what is this tuct tape you speak of?...oral sex is fun :D FUCKING ROAST BEEF?!?!...is there like a Febreeze spray for smelly kooch?

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