P Diddy getting sued for $900 billion dollars

Discussion in 'General' started by LEBOWSKItheBIG, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. she will never win obviously, but that would be great i cant stand p diddy
  2. his face the whole trial is going to be...
  3. I hope he loses
  4. lmao. I can't believe with statements like this, it went/is going to court. FFS.

  5. Always trynna keep the black man down
  6. Lol I saw this today.

    He better start counting some money
    "can't stop, won't stop".

    If I was him I'd try to get all the dirt
    on that chick....even though she
    sounds wild as hell already. Ha.
  7. Bill Gates only has 50 billion dollars and he's one of the richest people in the world!
    Who the fuck has 900 billion dollars?! That's like a trillion
  8. i thought it was just .diddy

  9. He can't afford the p anymore
  10. the p stands for poop
  11. I'm now dumber post reading that. This is why I fucking despise the media, the only type of senseless bullshit they post is just to distract people. That's not news.
  12. "I want my chip please help me. it's well worth over 100 zillions of dollars, and my hospital keys. They put me and my baby in the hospital and broke my baby 2 legs and sexual assaulted my children and crushed us."

    That psychotic bitznatch is definitely out on a day pass lol
  13. "its definitely worth zillions.."

    I've lost all faith in our judicial branch.
  14. Oil Kings of the middle east.
  15. haha I read this earlier on another forum.

    pretty funny stufff
  16. How much marijuana could one buy for 900 billion dollars?
  17. All of it.
  18. I have to call fake

  19. Quiet troll.

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