ozzy is a weirdo

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  1. haha ozzy is great dont get me wrong but he does some weird stuff.

    you ever sniff a line of ants? haha ozzy does its crazy, im wondering where the fuck do the ants go, ew im high as fuck n i can imagne it its like aah lil ants they like go in ur lungs and that would suck!1 is that where they would go? fuck dead ants gettin stuck in ur lungs that cant be good maybe its gets u high i dunno but ozzy is always high maybe it is the ants. i'd never do it tho ants are fuckin nasty to be goin in ur nose.
    damn ozzy i rather bite a head off a bat then sniff ants. I mean, biting animals n sutff is like natural kinda. well i dont go arouynd biting animals but if I was like a caveman or somthin i would. nothin else to do till fire comes around. stupid freezin cold artic temperatures and little cave people and no food n chicken n wow we'd have no chips n fuckin candy i wonder if cave men smoked weed haha i wonder i dunno nah they had no fire well some but i mean like maybe a big forest of weed was growin, n lightining hit it and it burst into flames, and then all the little cavemen around breathed in some smoke n got high n they are like, ooga booga im fuckin stoned! heheh wow thats crazy. i dunno but ozzy is sort of like a caveman he kinda hunches n he eats stuff raw n has fun snorting insects n i dunno anyway

    point of this post ...

    OZZY fuckin Rocks!
  2. Hell Fuckin Yeah!
  3. I moved to music hall.

    469 post and still need to learn where to post threads.. LOL are you stoned or what?
  4. hehe well its more of a rant about everything ozzy does than about ozzys music hehe but eh its ur forum :p

  5. This alone made this whole thing worth reading. Then, when i got through, I realized how much sense you make!

    Sabbath rules.
  6. i always laugh my ass off when i see that pepsi commercial "your a bunch of bloody magicians!"
    its hilarious hearing that man slur
  7. lol yep.
    its cracked out they kicked ludacris out of pepsi cause he raps n swears..but ozzy swears more n is aloud to be on a pepsi commercial :/
  8. Imagine fuckin snortin a line of some fire ants.. :smoke:
  9. yeah, but ludacris also raps about poundin 40s, smokin blunts and shit too
    ozzy cant function enough to sing about that

  10. apparently you have never heard "Sweat Leef","Snowblind" etc.......etc..................

  11. Ozzy use to be cool... now that he has hit the mainstream media with the show, commercials, interviews, etc... etc... i've lost all respect for the guy... don't get me wrong tho, he is funny as hell...

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