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  1. Since Ozzy isn't going to be at all the shows, who is still going to go to ozzfest this year? I personally like System of a Down so I'll be going. Not the best lineup, but a few good bands and should be worth the fun time.
  2. im still thinkin bout goin but only cuz on of the loations is only 2 hours from where i live
  3. Still goin'- Gotta see Disturbed.
  4. my friends goin for Disturbed... So fuckin jealous
  5. Chicago date has Ozzy so that's a plus....

    But the only bands worth seeing would be Strapping Young Lad (best band there), Dragonforce maybe, and System is fucking great live but probably wont be good in the context of Ozzfest...

    I wish I was going to Wacken Open Air...
  6. Personally, I don't think the lineup is that good this year. It's just my opinion but I don't think bands like Disturbed and System of a Down belong in Ozzfest. Ozzfest is a metal thing and they arent metal bands. I'm not saying they aren't good of course, but I think they get enough spotlight as it is. As a full out metal kid, I think Ozzfest should be a chance for metal bands to shine. I like quite a few of the metal bands on the lineup though.:D
  7. With the exception of the bands I said above, pretty much all the other ones are metalcore. Except A7X, who just blow.
  8. I was thinking about going, but then I realized Dragonforce would get screwed and only play like 20 minutes. I think Ozzy and SOAD are worth the price.
  9. System Of A Down might dispand after one final tour after OzzFest 2006. From what I heard, There is a structure failure with the lead singer and the guitarest..So don't expect to see more of them
  10. Fuck I wanna go. I wanna see Disturbed :(

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