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  1. Anyone here going to Ozzfest this year? I went two years ago just to see Manson.. and he couldn't even play in Wisconsin! I hate Wisconsin. Well I heard that he is actually going to be playing this year, so that will be awesome. I wanted to go last year because my favorite band, Ill Nino, was there but I didn't go because my mom wanted me to go to her company picnic (which we didn't even go to). This year will also be my third time seeing Korn, but first time seeing them play outdoors. Heh, maybe I'll even be able to find someone with some cid.. ya right!
  2. I didnt have plans to buy tickets, but a good friend recently said something to me, I was like yeah, that would be cool to catch the ozzfest this year..of course tickets are up to and well over 100 a piece now that I waited so long..so the radio station here has a truckload of tix to give away, whenever they start the contest to give them out, Im gonna be all over that. its basically whoever humiliates themselves the most will win tix..Im thinking of going as far as tattooing there call numbers on my ass to get the tickets...ive been thinking about it and hell, why not? so hopefully Ill be there, in north jersey

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