OZZFEST, shrooms, and friends!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sir.TokeAlot, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I went to Ozzfest yesterday in mountain view. Me my lil bro, my buddy N and my ex A all threw ends on a 1/4 and still had money left over. We got there halfway through Hatebreed. We missed Nile and Behemoth :(. The mosh pits were pretty weak.We met up with our friends A, H C E And L. we smoked a bowl while hatebreed was finishing up. Then they bro9ugh some kid that was like 7 or 8 and started talking about starting them young and shit. The lucky kid got to go on stage with Hatebreed.

    Then we walked around before the main stage opened. My lil bro bought his first pipe. We then headed to the grass (we were at Shoreline) and got a spot. The first band up was Lordi, and the singer sucked, the instruments were awesome. Then Static-X came up and the mosh pits started, they were better than the first but not the best. Some asshole on the edge of the pit stuck his firt out and tripped me, hit my hand on something and cut my hand.

    After Static-X, Lamb of God came one and the pits were fucking awesome. I got hit in the face and busted my lip. My lil bro was too scared to jump in so i took him back up and we smoked a bowl and he took his first hit (he's 13, same age i started) I went to the bathroom to refill the water bottle and ran into my friend W, and he had some shroom chocolates for $20. I bought one and saved it til i got back. Halfway through lamb of god i ate it and it only took about half hour to kick in. I went into the pit as i peaked and fuckin tripped out, the pit was so intense. I went back up and laid on the grass and watched the clouds melt and twist and scramble around while listening to Lamb of God.

    After about an hour of laying with my eyes closed and exploring my head. Ozzy came on and played crazy train and some other songs (cant remember the name, trippin too hard) and then Zack Wylde shredded for a long time, ozzy and zack stayed on playing songs for about 2 hours. And before they came on they played a bunch of clips of ozzy in different movies just fucking around in them. For example they did Wedding Crashers. The scene where "kitty kat" talks to that one guy. she took her top off and ozzy just starts pouring milk on them and the motorboats them and just laughs.

    IT was so intense with all the lights, and the crowd was awesome, everyone was blazing. And drinking. I loved it, so worth it (free, but everything inside was expensive) and i definitly plan on going next year.

    P.s. Theres alot more lil interesting detail i'll talk about later, i have to do some astronomy homework.
  2. Did you see Mondo Generator?
  3. No. But i did see a fight break out on the lawn, as soon as we get there i see some guy get decked and his shit got fucked up. When it was over his face was covered in blood and he had to be helped out by security.

    2 chicks goit taken out in the pits, one was carried out on a stretcher, and another in a wheel chair. A bunch of people got their faces opened up in the pits (including me) It was mayhem at its funnest hahaha.

    I met up qith my friend H and we went into the pits for lamb of god and she got taken down hard, but she was still in the game. we stayed in the pit for a bit then my shrooms started taking over and i went back to smoke a bowl.

    But the Ozzy/ zack wylde pits were INSANE so many big, drunk, buff guys tearing it up....fun shit, but i didnt go in cause i started freaking out and thought they were (literally) gonna tear me apart.

    Details about my trip: At first i started feeling light, and liquidy everything got kinda juicy after awhile i closed my eyes to explore my mind and enjoyed the music. I opened my eyes to see that the grass was like water and each blade had its own aura and they were all different colors. The clouds were twisted, mixing and melting like milk and water......i once again closed my eyes and explored myself finding how i really feel about everything, i opened my eyes and it was night, lamb of god finished and ozzy came on
    , the movie thing i told you about came on, then this really dramatic music came on and EVERYONE had their lighters out. It was a gigantic ocean of people all their for ozzy, like a giant mass of cultists, i thought it was kinda crazy. The hallucinations settled down after that, but they werent even close to gone. And after War pigs zack wylde tore it up big time. and the lights and sounds and colors and the people were amazing.
  4. lol i use to live rite down the street from the shorline ampitheatre...i walked there b4 plenty of times, never been to ozzfest tho. not a big fan...
  5. Shit man, I would never fuckin even consider doing shrooms at the fest, ha... props for that.

    I'm interviewing Nile and Behemoth at the Chicago date... was supposed to do Lamb of God, but after I went through all the fucking trouble of setting it up, my boss told us the website is doing a video interview with them later this year. Bitches.

    Sounds like fun though man... did you see either Nile or Behemoth?
  6. Na, i missed both of them :( and i also missed the Lamb of God autograph session :(

    and the shrooms were amazing, it wasnt as intimidating as it may seem. But the pits were soooo insane on them. You're lucky you get to interview them, im jealous!!!!
  7. i ate a gram of shrooms at ozzy last year in seattle. was aight.
  8. Haha, I wouldn't eat shrooms before Ozzfest. I'd probably freak out. Been to two so far (05 and 06).

    That sucks that you missed Nile and Behemoth! They're the two best bands on the bill this year!
  9. i went to ozzfest in mountain view with a half ounce and it wis so sick. i bought a chill little bong and then a fucking massive skinhead tryed to steal it during mondo generator
  10. i was right next to that guy earlier in the day and he was trippin on coke or something and running around all stupid. i wasnt surprised when i saw him get his ass beat

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