Ozzfest anyone?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by NdicaBud, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Just a little curious if there are any members that might be attending the Ozzfest ,near the apple river in Wisconsin..


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  2. I'm going to the Ozzfest in Nobleville's (Indianapolis) on August 13. And I'm also going to the Ozzfest in Dallas on September 7. Rock on Ozzy!!!!
  3. only bands worth seeing this year is hatebreed meshugga andrew wk and soad
  4. i used to be into all that hard stuff. now it sounds just like noise to me. I prefer more smooth stuff now.
  5. yeah, i used to be way more into it too, but now its only a few of the bands. cant believe indicabud would be going to ozzfest....who do you wanna see?

  6. Mainly 0ZZY,OZZY...but I am there for the whole shabang,,rock on.....maybe I'll get stupified....

  7. We should try to hook up NightmareB!! PM me if you're interested!! We'll show all those Ozzfest fans how us "City" smokers toke it up!!

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