ozzfest '05 pics!

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  1. hey well i live in springfield ma. 2 years ago we had a contest on a radio station that was about winning ozzfest tix to the hartford show in '04. well my dad won and turns out that was the day he was throwing his 4th of july party. we were both bummed cuz i was dieing to go:(

    well turns out they had a secret grand priz drawing that we didnt know about. 1 of the winners pulled names out of a hat and u won a trip for 2 people to go catch the last show in palm beach fl. well that big hurricane bitch francis hit and our trip got canceld. we felt totally analy fucked. completly miss ozzfest on ozzy's rumored last tour year.

    well we thought we were sol unitll the radio station booked us a new vacay in charlotte, nc to see ozzfest '05. airfare, accomidations, tix to pavillion seating (damn close) at the verizon theatre. well hurricane katrina hit la at that time. so we though we were gonna be SOL again but it turned out to be EXCELNT! great day. i thought id post the pics i took with my cell cam. we were closer in most of the pics then we looked.

    btw of course i was high :smoke:

    ROB ZOMBIE headlining the second stage - he was awsome except he was wearing a rolling stones pink shirt, a cowboy hat, and tight jeans:confused: ... just wasnt "rob zombie" ish for me


    BLACK LABEL SOCEITY - they were awsome except this one retard kept stand up in front of us... we told him to sit the fuck down but he wouldnt listen... that was a disatster... fuckign ass

    MUDVAYNE - they were awsome. that dick left durring that whole set. the got the whole crowd pumed. they played a sick set. first song that got everyone going

    happy - it was sick cuz at the beginning they look over everyone and shout "Yall been drinking right? Yall be tokin up right? Then you must be..."

    VELVET REVOLVER - didnt seem like the ozzfest type. they had half of Gn'R and Gn'R was a great 80's rock band. They had a good set.

    fall to pieces - i look back in the lawn and further back seats. i see like a million lights go up in the air. it was hillarious!

    damn cool sign.. slash railin a solo

    OZZY - the man himself. he was ok but his voice was cracky. kinda upsetting but still good none the less
  2. very very sick.......im planning on going this year if i can get the time off.......my brother acually got to toke up with the whole band of mudvayne and also the ozz man himself
  3. dam i want to go to ozzfest, did you see system of a down play?
  4. yuck..... :X
  5. damn thats sick i love ozzfest my family used to go every year
  6. ozzy was fucking amazing at the tweeter in 05, sooo gooood. i say he puts on the best live performance ever.

    ps. sooooo much weed was around at ozzfest 05. constant haze under the trees near second stage.
  7. holy shit ur not kidding. there was a joint everywhere i walked. joints and painted tits :)

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