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  1. Small buds mainly shake, for 80$ that would probably get me a half oz of buds so im gonna take risks with this how much should I process for QWISO and what should I expect putting 10 grams~ or so in?

  2. Make some bho, if you ran it all you could easily get 4-5 grams
  3. 4-5 grams is what you get from an oz of buds so id say about half that for shake if not less
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    BHO isnt a option at my current residence me and my dad are gonna make some qwiso but I wanted to put in max 12 grams.. How much QWISO  would you expect for 12grams at 2 washes?
  5. Idk I wouldn't my dispensary does it for 30..... if it's a good deal for you then do it, it isn't for me so I wouldn't.
  6. I am not a med state user so this is a okay deal for me cause in town my bud is 360/oz or if i get it MY ways usually 190/OZ
  7. yeah thats kinda a shitty price considering it probably isnt going to make that good of oil.
    no one can guess your return for you, just do your run and see for yourself

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