ozone generators?

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  1. Whats up guys. Odor is gonna become a problem soon,right now only 3 plants in flower but theyare starting to smell...i was looking at getting an ozone generator like this one
    has anyone used that one? I would like to spend less than 100$...anyone have any links to any good ozone generators for odor control? The room is small and pretty well sealed off so just want to put ozone generator in grow room
  2. look up do it yourself carbon scrubbers and save yourself some money
  3. I know about carbon filters but dont want to put one in the room...I have a cool tube on my light and dont want to put another extra slot to vent for the carbon filter ozone generators just easier to use
  4. okay, to each his own. but why would you need to put another slot to vent for the carbon filter, just put it at the end of the exhaust tube that is already attached to your cool tube, no extra vent needed.

    but sorry i have never used one of those things.
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    Ozone attacks odor and if over-used in a closed space will actually lessen the smell and flavor of your bud.

    Carbon filters/scrubbers on the other hand simply take the odor out of the air and will not have any negative affect on your buds.

    I use a large ozone generator on my exhaust, but I'm vary careful to vent it into another area away from my grow room to avoid any possible damage.

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