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  1. Hi Everyone

    As you know I have my tent in one of the bedrooms. I have a carbon filter insight the tent, exhausting to the attic and all the doors are well sealled. Right now there is no smell coming from my 4 week old babies.
    I know I wil hit a period during flowering when they will produce more odor what they are now. Also by circumstances that are outside of my control, people may have a need to get into the bedroom (with enough heads up time) because my appartment is the only one that have entrance to the attic.

    Anyway, I wanted to plan for the future and make sure that the room is fully odor proof especially when you are insight. ONA Bakets and Ozon Generator are the probable solution.
    No, the question I have is: Is one ozone generator will be enough to cover 15x15 room? Do I have to set one generator insight the tent and one outside, or will just one will do the job? Should it be combo like ONA Backet + Generator?

    What do you gouys think. Really wouls be gratefull for your help.
  2. Ozone generators work great for secondary smell cover-up like you plan on doing. Put it in the room, but outside the tent. Just 1 will probably do the trick for you.
  3. ozone generators work great just dont have them in the grow room, they will take away the smell from the final product.

  4. Thats a pretty good idea, but I think having people over, they would tend to ask why I have a fan duck taped to a bucket! Pretty sweet diy though!
  5. Could just put it in the main hall and then when company comes over you put it away for awhile. If they ask what the smell is just tell them you got a glade air sprayer and only have the linen scent for the moment. Don't make it too concentrated and it won't be too suspiscious at all.
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    Ozone generators surpass carbon filters hands down imo. Run it inside your tent, the plant continues to grow and produce thc, there will be no significant loss of potency.
    They *CAN* remove a bit of the smell from the final product IF you are pumping way to much in there, and if you leave them on while harvesting/drying/curing.
  7. Is a lot better idea than running it outside the grow room. =)

  8. As a huge tit fanatic, I strongly support your sig!
  9. Thank you lol I wanted to make people grin when they saw it, figured it was a good course. lol
  10. Guitar, are you still selling those? I would buy one from you right now...

    Kail... I am not sure I understand, you are suggesting to run ozone generator insight the tent? You may have a point but it is defenatley goes against what everyone else is advising to run it on the outside.
  11. Yes, it is perfectly fine to run it inside the tent.
    The reason I know is because I have done both. No substantial difference in potency, infact, it smoked even smoother.
    Unrolled you harvest the crop, the plant is continually producing THC. Another nice thing about good quality ozone generators is that they kill ALL mold and mildew. I tried just to see and rose my humidity to 100 for over a week, nothing. I'd like to see a carbon filter do that.
    Like I said. I know it works because I have done it. Rumors and unsound advice gets passed around like old wives tales. Remember how gum was supposed to stay in you for years? Or how if you crossed your eyes too much they stay stuck like that... Lol
  12. I know what you are saying mate.

    I think I will pick me 2 Ozone Jr. at local Target and give it a run.
  13. Oh no man, Im not selling them. I bought that one from the same seller, and LOVE it...for the price they are a killer deal...
  14. The ozone inside the tent is one of those personal preference things for sure. I know guys who run them inside, and some out, and both swear their way is the best. Whatever works best for you, well, works best for you!

    I found that for ME, running it outside my main room does the best for me.

    I have heard that the ozone does wonders for spider mites as well though.
  15. This one is questionable. The guy who runs a hydroponic store next door said to set it up outside ony as it may kill THC on my babies.
    You mean brings those mites in or keep them out.
  16. dont keep an ozone generator inside your grow space.

    whoever says its good is a fucking moron. its damn science, proven science, that ozone degrades the terpenes which give the plant its flavor and smell.

    if you like nasty hay weed then go for it.

    i know this from my OWN experience.

    if you choose to run an ozone generator just keep it outside of the grow room. thats where you dont want the smell anyways right?
  17. I hear ya, but there will always be those who swear they have experience the opposite.

    Ive found that using them in the room where you exhaust is best. On a timer to go off 15 min of every hour. Ive also used them in my ventilation system going out as well...Nothing like flowering 6 ladies, with a scrubber, and a ozone in the vents so NO smell escapes!
    I would not have them next to plants or animals imo.

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