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Ozium question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hashbrick, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if I smoked in my room not using a sploof or anything special, would ozium completely kill the smell and if so how long will it take?
  2. No it won't. If you don't want anyone to smell it smoke it outside or at least out the window, or use some other means like a towel or sploof.
  3. Ozium is a pretty good product. The smell isn't too overpowering and it does a good job at getting rid of the smell.

    I usually like to spray a little febreeze/body spray after it just to help a bit.
  4. Someone who doesn't smoke is going to smell the residual smoke even hours later no matter what you use if you just smoke openly in the room.
  5. ozium's a great spray - it actually dicks up the smell instead of just masking it. the best way to use it, though, is to smoke a bowl with the sploof. i always find my room reaks a bit even with the sploof because of the smoke that comes out while the bowl is roasting, but ozium takes care of that really well. if you hotbox your room, though, you have to open a window afterwards. i'm sure the ozium would eventually take care of it, but it'd take a while.

    honestly, the best way to get rid of smell is with air flow. i have windows on two sides of my room, and opening them works so damn well - i still spray ozium to be safe, but my room usually airs out in an hour or two.
  6. Oh I love Ozium; use it all the time. It just won't 100% get rid of telltale smoke smell without blowing it out the window or something similar. He can't just smoke up his room and expect some spray to make it all go away.
  7. Yea I guess what I meant to ask was how long would it take for the smell to go away if I sprayed ozium and had a window open
  8. Well, Better safe then sorry. Right?
  9. for me I smoke at my window all the time, blow the smoke out then spray some ozium in the hallway, not even my room then just leave window open. Never had any problems from that, no one ever caught on
  10. yes it will, just might take a couple rounds of spraying, but iv smoked two FAT bowls in the past, not attempting to cover the cherry at all, while blowing through an old, used up sploof, and wen i woke up the next morning, no smell.

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