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OZ Prices...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smedium, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. 260-300 Dollars of some good nugs
    150-215 shwag

    I live in Delaware and ive read on some of these posts that prices are alot cheaper elsewhere....reply and let me know some of your states prices
  2. Cheaper? I wish I could find it cheaper. This is what I find in NYC and NJ.

    Crappy Shwag is about $175

    Regular Shwag is about $240

    Mids are about $350

    Jack Herer $550
  3. schwag is the only thing in this town and it runs

    $50-$80 an ounce

    I got mine yesterday for $60
  4. i get an oz for 150-170 canadian. Never shwag, i dont waste my time wit that.
  5. $60 for schwag
    120 for normal stuff, I guess you say mids.

    $100 of the sticky icky icky, if you know the right people.
    its about $220 normally.

    oh yeah this is the just the price around my area (S. Oregon) , LOTS of pot smokers... prices vary alot within the state.
  6. £50 for an ounce of hash round here.
  7. 550 an ounce of anything is way too much
  8. ditto^^

    only bud sold by 'actual dealers' (meaning they get it from a grower) is mids and dank ass cronic.

    mids are 220$ an ounce
    dank is about 300$ sn ounce, but this dank is the best shit ever

    it all depends on the area. And to me, maybe some of your dealers bud would knock me on my ass cuz im used to differnt weed, or maybe to me it could be some bammer, who knows! like maybe i could sell some mids for the price of dank in other areas, just cuz it IS dank to people who smoke alot of shwag... shit i gotta smoke and quit rambling...*Runs to go scrape pipe*
  9. for Cal
    schwag runs from $50-$100 depending on how dirty
    midgrade runs from $125-$225
    Dank runs from $250-$330
    My dealers are greedy tho so I'm sure other people can get better hookups.
  10. $400 ounce of dank but i can get it for $325, but i turn around and sell that for $50 and 8th and get me a free 8th or two
  11. damn man

    an ounce for some good regs or fire even is 30 bucks here
    when i buy a twenty sack i get 10 grams too
  12. where the hell you at that you can even get shitty bud for 30 n ounce?
  13. what are you guys paying for an 8th? its $50 everywhere around here "Wisconsin" I wish it was cheap because i crave it and its a paycheck burner
  14. $230 for an oz of kb or better

    as for shawg ..well i wouldnt know ive never bought any :)

    $500 is waaay too much for a fuckign oz dude i could probably get 2 oz of some jack herer for that
  15. If you are paying 500 bucks an oz I suggest you buy a very nice hydro system and grow some DANK nugs. I bet that setup would be less than your ounce and you could get even more than 1 oz of your yield.

  16. i pay $20-30 Canadian depending on quality
  17. $120 for an oz of mids and $375 for some dank shit
  18. 60 for schwaz
    90 for mids
    120 for high nug
  19. "260-300 Dollars of some good nugs
    150-215 shwag"

    i'd hate to live where you're at.
    here, schwag is $60-100, mids= $100-250 or so, best around is $300 on up
  20. i can get some midgrade-lower grade kb....60$ an oz....i dont know anymore though....havnt smoked inawhile

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