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Oz of strawberry cough-175$

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gotalighter?, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Name says it all, love this strain. nice heady high smooth taste, kinda reminds me of a strawberry campino:)



  2. That's some fiesty buds!
  3. Thanks:wave:

    I dont think iv ever been happier with a pick up, and I wasnt even expecting to get this stain, expected some local chocolate, so i went to my pickup spot ( this time it was in a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a garbage can...) and grabbed it not expecting anything special, i got home and my dealer had left a messge earlier that morning ( on my computer) saying that it was strawberry cough, so i was to tempted to wait any longer and fired up the first bowl and i understand the cough part now ;) in the smoke theres a hint of "fruit" whch i can relate to strawberry i suppose but i find the real taste is when i have breathed all the smoke out and im breathing in,than my pasties taste like im sucking on a weakly flavored strawberry campino:)
  4. dope fresh my brotha. take a mega bong rip for me
  5. Ask and i deliver:smoke:
  6. You don't know what I would do for a hook-up like that.

    A good oz. here is $350-400. :(
  7. Sigh...Canada:D:hello::D:D

  8. i dont know what you'd do but id start murdering people for that price!
  9. amazing price man, and some amazing dank.
  10. #10 Gotalighter?, Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2010

    Haha, there is a cheaper way,(prolly has less jail time too!!) grab a big ol bucket and some good dirt, climb into youre favorite forest and climb around till you find youre "field of dreams", than get out and get some good(mines got some parts that are 70 degrees) excersize every 2-3 days while you water em, bam suddenly weeds a whooooole lot cheaper
  11. thanks for the kind words.

    If anyone wants to see more i do have a pickup wasnt getting much attention so i put some pics on this oneinstead ( links are down thereVV)
  12. Is it just me or does that look like a lot more than a zip haha
  13. I picked up this strain recentely in Cali, and I think it looks like more than an ounce because the buds are pretty fluffy, or atleast my pick up was.

  14. its private man:/ hahah make that janx public and lets get cheesyyy
  15. Jealous right here, I've been dying to try Strawberry Cough for a long time, it's never around here though...

  16. you can tell its some fluffy
  17. Thanks, maybe it is? i only asked for a ounce but who knows

    Eh theres maybe a 3to1 ratio of dense buds to fluffy and there fairly dense at that


  18. its divided betwen dense fluffy but the fluffy floated up and dens down lol
  19. That sucks its really nice when you can you should
  20. looks great man, and for $175 that's amazing.
    post a picture of a joint if you can :)

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