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oz of decent mids or eighth of reaaal dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iHotbox, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. oz of decent mids for 60 or eighth of really dank?
  2. oz of mids for 60? go with that.
  3. depends... whats ur tolerance look like?
  4. my tolerance is really low
  5. Wouldn't count on mids being that decent if they are 60 for a zip, but if they were that'd be a good take. Otherwise I'd stick with the dank, an eight is plenty if the shit is fire.
  6. true that the mids may not be decent for 60, but your getting way more than your paying for, a lot more.
  7. yeah, i think i will probably get an eighth and then a half o of mids for like 30.
  8. your prices are banging, how much is that 8th of dank your getting?
  9. dude id get the mids... if ur tolerance is really low theres no point in getting dank..
  10. lmao thats what im saying, but if you have the money its whatever, dank is always good !
  11. dont buy the cheap shwag. always go with dank. the high is always better, no headaches or earthy taste.
  12. Go with the mids. I would usually say to get dank but in your case...its so cheap just get the mids. Plus you have a low tolerance so your going to be baked anyways.
  13. yeah man i would definatly say go with the oz of mids haha for 60 bucks thats good im gettin 120 a lid on the regs out here.
    and if youv got cash for the headies man that by all means, GET THE HEADIES!
    or just us ur mids for rolling joints and save ur kind bud for a nice piece of glass:smoke:
    either way man sounds like a good deal
  14. How are you planning on smoking this cannabis?
    A blunt= Middies
    Glass Bowl=Dank

    Make sure you get decent mids.
  15. 1/8th of Dro if you're going to smoke. Roll 3 blunts and share it with your friends thats my advice.
  16. oz dank man, thats way better then a 1/8th of dank
  17. Get the mids, sell it for 15 an 8th, get a quarter of dank and have money left over.
  18. yeahhh man im drunkk, i dunno bro, just fuck her, your friend wont mind, do it, wear protection though she sounds like a slut.

    ughhwait get th ounce.
  19. Smids ALL day son. Gotta get that weight up. :cool:
  20. If your tolerance is low go with the oz of mids. Much more bang for your buck, and the dank might just put you to sleep anyway. Enjoy getting high off the mids while you can, move up to dank when you need a little more oomph.

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