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OZ of BC God Bud $320

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ebene, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Would you guys say this is a good deal? I have a friend who is growing about 20 plants of this and for the past two weeks he has been breaking off a couple of branches and giving it to me. Right now it's a bit premature but it already has the potency of very high mids. When it's fully matured and cured I really think it would be some dank ass weed.

    So do you think this is a good price? He was also talking about giving me a whole plant that would have a wet weight of about 3.5-4 pounds for $1800. About how much do you think all the bud would weigh after it was cured?

    Thanks :wave:
  2. I would say wait till its full potency and look at the buds b4 u buy. It would be worth it if its legit god bud tho. Ur sig is fucking amazing, lol.

  3. Absolutely do not negotiate deals for non dried bud !!! There is no way to reliably predict what the end weight will be.

    Growing factors make a huge difference in resin production which will drastically affect how much weight is lost during the dry and cure process.

    Be patient and wait until the bud has been harvested, dried, and cured for atleast 2 weeks. This still won't be fully cured, but at least it will be an honest weight.
  4. I would say thats a bad deal considering hes both your friend and a grower. In Ontario the dankititiest of the dank only runs $260/oz, and I would just expect better from BC. Remember its basically pure profit for him so you should be able to talk him down to AT MOST $200/oz.
  5. Well the reason I'd be getting it for that price per plant would be because it wouldn't be cured. I do know that from the branch he gave me I picked off and weighed out 3.5 grams of wet weight bud, cured it, and it ended up weighing about 1.2 grams.
  6. I would surely wait until it was ready to be sold.

    $320 would be a nice price indeed on an ounce of some dank, but certainly not anything less.
  7. This is American currency... not Canadian! :p
  8. Thanks, man. It's John Muir!
  9. #9 Duckhead, Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008

    I agree that $320 is not a killer deal (although I still think its a fair deal), but I disagree that its "pure profit" for the grower.

    Equipment, Time, Resources, and Electricity all add up. I figure it averages out to almost $1000 for me to produce 1lb of Med-Grade.

    The biggest factor in the farmers costs is the risk. Why commit federal felonies if your not going to make some $$$. Most long term farmers put retainers down with lawyers to hedge there bets that eventually they'll have to interact with Johnny Law.

    Maybe growing zucchini's would be closer to "pure profit" .... but cannabis has a number of hidden costs that drive up the consumers price.

  10. I'm curious what does he sell this for when its cured?

    There is a market for "un-mans" (dried but un-manicured small buds) but they usually sell for less than half the price of A-Grade.
  11. With him being your friend I'd imagine you'd get a better deal than that. He's selling to you at high dealer prices, kinda lame. Oh and I wouldn't negotiate anything until the product is completed.
  12. dude pay him what he asks.... if you dont like the price dont argue if i was growing and everyone wanted to lowball me for my plants that i spent hella time on and hella recourses id be fuckin pisees. eff these guys pay him full price
  13. lol "the mountains r calling me i must go". That dude musta had some dank chronic growing up in them sierra mountains
  14. ya eh y do ppl always try to lowball growers? Like they gotta spend all this doe on lights, seeds, soil, (unless its dro which is even more expensive). And they gotta watch over their babys for months, the whole time risking that the DEAs gonna raid their crib and throw em in jail. Pay 320 a zip dude, for u americans thats a normal price for zip of some dank. As for that 1800 for a plant, id wait till all that bud is cured and then if its close to a pound (which it should be cuz plants usually lose about 75% of their weight when drying) id take it for sure.
  15. ehh 1800 seems like alot to me and you really dont know how much its gunna weigh till it cures, why not just wait for him to dry it out or ask him to cure it then youll decide if you want it or not
  16. only if its super dank. some of my friends have gotten an ounce of dank for around $260 - 300, so 320's a bit much. just sample first

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