Oyster shell replacement

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  2. At times I inlay sea shell's into my wood workings .
    Breathing in Organic dust is toxic, sea shells dust is extremely toxic/raspatory.
    One issue is the dust is so fine it passes through most all face masks.
    Other issues is its like glass. It cuts lung tissue
    Last issue is its organic and will decompose inside your lungs giving you a lung infection.
  3. If you dont want the Mg, use Calcitic Lime. Its way cheaper than oyster shell flour.
    All the names for different lime can be confusing.
    Dolomite is Ca and Mg
    Calcitic is just Ca
    Garden lime is generally prilled dolomite
    Prilling is a process of using a clay to form pellets. It makes the lime dust free.
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  4. 1C29C711-0116-486B-B50D-8AE7202A0ACE.jpeg
    Exactly the reply I needed Thankyou
    I knew the garden lime was dolo mix shame cause I got it locally lol
    Will have to wait on post for the rest darn
    So calcitic lime is lime stone
    Horse feed lime is lime stone
    Oyster shell is lime stone

    that’s good news need 4.5kg so will order some off the Amazon for horses as it’s next day where as lime is 5days lol
    I need it 3days ago

    n deficency allover waiting for this I just gave them foilar and root of fish hydrolysate at 1ml a litre and silica as ph up to 6.3 hope that helps .first time I’ve used my own fish so I hope all goes well it reccomends up to 3ml but I didn’t dare
    Will see if I’ve killed em in morning lol
    I do have cuttings rooted really fast so lucky

    the plants with mad root formation rooted in 5 days looked like fibre glass

    shame the plants show so heavy deficiency’s now waiting for soil
    Came so fast it did yellowing bottoms brown tips n rust screaming calcium nitrogen
  5. @Organic sinse when I get my limestone my recipie calls for 20cups (760litres) it’s a lot of soil lol
    My current ph is 5.8 on my soil
    Do I add up to 20cups ? Like Test ph and add until it gets to 6.5? Or do I literally throw the 20 cups in
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  6. I honestly think you need to give it a chance to work. It’s not overnight. This is based on what I know from regular gardening outdoors. The old saying is that you can only change the soil pH by one point a year, no matter how much you add. Our practices are way more intensive than that standard really applies to, but it still makes me believe some time is needed for the lime to work. I would also think that the closer you get to 7, the longer it takes for the lime to work. That being said, you don’t want to over due it now, and find your pH up at 8, 6 months from now.
    I hope that makes sense. Just remember, there is no real way to get the lime out, if you go big. I would stick with your recipe, and check the pH periodically to see if it’s slightly climbing as time goes by.
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    Thanks, ye it’s a recipie like then coots revisited shit
    1cup gypsum per cu
    1 cup oyster per cu
    I have 24 cu so recipie calls for 24 cups
    But yeah I don’t want to over shoot
    All the calculators are in hectare lol

    I haven’t added any lime what so ever yet , recipie calls for 20 cups that’s why I’m asking @Organic sinse ph is 5.9 now without lime
    That effect maybe from ca on ewc I don’t know but still I don’t know how much like I should add

    the recipie calls for 1 cup a cube ft other peeps say a tbsp per gal
    On the turf calculator guess field based says
    Lime Quantity
    Application Area:
    Lime required for specified product and area: 3.5x3.5ft 12square ft
    Ph soil 5.9
    Target 6.5
    Buffer 6.5 ( is this water lol)
    • 0.00 ton
    • = 2 lb
    • = 0.1 bags @ 40 lb
    • = 0.0 bags @ 50 lb
    • = 0.00 metric ton
    • = 1 kg

    • I don’t know how accurate these are lol but 20 cups is 2kg so it’s not an over amount but don’t know if I can apply that to the soil bed ?
    • I gota add lime for the ca and future ph eh the soils at 5.9 without lime it could drop in the grow eh

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