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Oy Vey!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by deathdefyer, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. If you walk into a wall, you might hurt your nose. I walked into a wall and now I make a point to always wear a cup.

    WHATS UP PEOPLE!?!?!?! I'm new here! QUICK!!! TOUR!!!!!

    So last night me and my friends are walkin arround the main street in this town and we're tryin to help our much younger friend find a nickle-sack (everyone else already has their ounces and QPs). WE LOOKED FOR AN HOUR! I never realized how much fun looking for small amounts of pot was! The kicker is -- we asked about 40 people, we were about to give up and some guy walks by us, my friend turns and points in his FACE and only yells "NICKLE SACK!".... THE GUY TURNS ARROUND AND SELLS US A NICKLE SACK! YES!!!!!!!!!!...... yeah i think i need a little less coffee in the mornings... time to go even out the buzz with a bowl.

    "Its a nice place you guys got here, I wouldn't mind staying for a while!"

    -- Me, just now.
  2. Haha, sweet.

  3. Getting a score is great. :)

    nothing like being dry and suceeding.


    welcome 2 the city
  4. lol..yepyep..

    welcome to the city! :D
  5. Welcome to the city!!!
  6. Welcome to the City, Deathdefyer!

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