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  1. Been using oxyplus for ages now and am still not sure of correct dosage for hydro tanks....its a weird problem as root system gets bigger then the oxy+ content in the water ( using oxygen strips ) seems to get used up really quick , within 4 hours , yet i have added slightly more and it has lasted 6 hours but am afraid to add more for fear of burning roots .
    On the instructions given they recommend about 5ml per 20 l of tank volume which isnt enough ( dissolves in 1 hr , naybe for a small plant ! ) but as plant grows they dont seem to advocate raisong the dose proportionally...anyone else use this ...what do you think?
  2. l use oxyplus .l add it once a week .You don,t want it constant as it effects other things [like it nuetralizes monstabud when added at the same time .lt also acts a cleaner.Pretty safe to use.Never heard of anyone doing damage with it.
  3. CEPT WHEN U GET IT ON YOUR FINGERS !!!!! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. ya got that one right my friend ,very mean and nasty.First time l split some l didn,t wash it off straight away,l won,t be making that mistake again,ever :D.
  5. yep - ooooch!!!

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