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oxygen tank

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by imhotep625, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Has anyone ever used oxygen to supplement root growth i have a oxygen tank i heard it grows massive roots? Is this true
  2. check out bubble buckets, is that kind of what u mean. Also using oxygen in this fashion keeps the bucket sanitary. There are a few advantages, if this is the type of grow u mean i'll find ya a few links if u cant find em. Otherwise what kind of grow are u thinking of ?
  3. im actually talking about a oxygen tank along with a bubbler i want to run a line straight to where the roots are and introduce straight oxygen in the air.
  4. Right i cant find the exact posts im looking for in rumples bubble bucket thread but from what i remember, adding pure oxygen sanitizes the bucket itself providing more protection from fungal growth etc and also is better for the roots, however having pure o2 is quite dangerous, and i'd wait to see exactly what the benefits and cons are before using, ill try find where i read about it before, but am a lil stoned at the moment lol
  5. Do you mean in a soil grow?

    I've been thinking about doing a helpy bucket grow some time in the future and have had a similar idea. I have a small, cheap air pump and I might try running a line with an airstone at the end to the bottom center of the bucket. That way the roots get some extra oxygen and the water in the bottom is always bubbling.

    Straight oxygen may be a little dangerous to use near hot lights and electric ballasts that could produce tiny electric sparks. If you have a oxygen rich environment things burn much more easily. If you do decide to use it, only use it a little at a time.
  6. I haven't researched this particular thing, but I don't see how it would have any advantages over a regular air pump to justify the cost.

    I also don't know how much it costs to refill 02 LOL :D
  7. hydroponics, well guys im going to try it i will let you know the results in about 3 months
  8. yeah but how much is a little,
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    I would seriously advise against using it. An oxygen enriched atmosphere in a grow room could be very dangerous. If you have an electrical short or one of your bulbs were to break, the possibility of it causing a fire is much greater and you could end up buring your house down.
  10. yea i wouldn't bother with it sinse theres a risk of fire

    thats my main fear, grow-op catching on fire when i'm not home

  11. I Agree. Im not sure of the details of your set-up. But experimenting without sound results/guides to monitor is crazy. Especially in an unsecure enviroment, Like your Home, where Family may sleep.

    If dispursed into the air oxygen molecules will actually settle in and on everything making them ready to fuel a fire. Oxygen itself is not flammable but causes very dangerous enviroments. Id do more research.

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