oxygen pot ebb and flow system (general ebb and flow questions)

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  1. I have been doing research into ebb and flow systems and have decided to purchase one. I want to run 12 pots off of one reservoir, covering 2 sqm total. I was convinced that the CAP ebb and gro was the option I would choose but after further research I have found that others are having trouble draining the pots completely. Some suggest that the Titan ebb and flow system is superior and cheaper than the ebb and gro, but it seems chinsy from the videos. I have come accross another system, called the oxygen pot 12 bucket ebb and flow. The description suggests that the materials that the net pot is made out of allows for better drainage and oxygenation to the root zone. Has anyone had an experience with this system? Also, is there a consensus as to which grow medium is the easiest and gives the best results? I am between hydroton, coco, or stg (any recommendation on which brand of stg that has good drainage and oxygenation, this seems like such an easy option but has terrible reviews). Thanks
    I also have another forum going on LED technology, check it out:

  2. You are in about the same boat as I am. I was looking to evolve from a DWC to an ebb and flow. After a visit at the hydro store and seeing what my options are I am now doing a flood and drain. I think it is essentially the same, except I think an ebb and flow pumps water from below the plants, and mine is dumping into the top of the tray and draining out. Whatever, same concept. If you have any handiness at all about you, I would construct your own system. The one I'm building right now is capable of supporting 24 plants in giant rockwool cubes. I have no experience with any medium in this system, but the guy at the hydro store said as long as I soak them to level off the pH these will be fine and easy to use.... we shall see. These trays would also be capable of using felt pots with any other medium inside, or just dumping medium into the tray itself and planting like you would outside, just by spacing out.
    Anyway,..... back to the cost thing. With what I have constructed now, I have (2) 10-gallon reservoirs capable of flooding 2 trays each. The trays, buckets, pumps, tubing and hardware associated to make the whole thing work right combined cost about $180. I have a feeling any of those systems cost about 2-3 times more and you only have 1 pump. With 2 pumps I can create 2 different nutrient reservoirs and easily grow multiple strains.

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