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Oxygen Earwax...

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by rotteny, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Anyone heard of this? I really love concentrates but hate the nasty solvents often used. I have noticed Co2 hash oil and oxygen wax in the clubs and in advertisments latley. Anyone familiar with this and how to do it? I am very intrested and would appriciate any help.
  2. well hate to break the bad news to you but the stuff labeled" co2 extracts" in the clubs is more than likely BHO.
    from what i understand its illegal to sell solvent based concentrates so they label it "co2 extract "to skirt that.
    it is extremely expensive and cost prohibitive to utilize supercritical fluid extractions with marijuana.
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  4. You got 6 figure money to buy the equipment used (and even then, good luck getting it without the gov't knowing about it)? No? Then just make some BHO. CO2 extraction is majorly expensive and the equipment needed is definitely monitored. And as mentioned, the dispensaries are not making C02 oil, they are making BHO and labeling it differently.(I don't know that for a fact, but from what everyone in those states tell me, its just BHO)

  5. Who cares if it's monitored in a MMJ state?
  6. people who don't want to be monitored. Cardholders in MMJ states where chemical solvent extractions are considered to be manufactured drugs that catch you the same charges as running a clandestine meth lab (if you are making it) or possession of a dangerous drug if you buy.
  7. Because the process itself is illegal in EVERY state. They look at it the same as making meth. Get caught and have fun in jail saying "But MJ is legal here".
  8. In CA BHO is perfectly legal in the clubs at least in my county. There was a lengthy lawsuit that was against our local PD because some rich dude got caught with some BHO and was charged with a felony so he went to town in court. Yes they do make oxygen extract and call it wax, not sure where your getting ear wax from. The jars the wax come in have the label of the company that makes it and the club actually has pamphlets from the company (can't recall the name) explaining the process and showing pictures. The dudes at the club said it's a $40,000 machine and only 2 of them exist 1 in CA and 1 in CO. It's really dank but not noticeably better than BHO and is wayyyy to expensive. 50$ a gram at my club but I had to try it once :). It was labeled "murder OG wax"
  9. thanks all of u for not answerin this guy if u dont know dont bullshit him ok and in the new hightimes their is a co2 extraction kit look into if u find anything real out lemme know im interested
  10. Does anyone know of other gases for extraction?
  11. Butane, and co2 Are the only gases that are really worth it. Hexane, iso, and water are your other options.
  12. Why can't you run oxygen or co2 through buds similar to butane extraction? My guess it evaporates to quickly at room temp? Also Oxygen seems sketchy with its ability to combust.
  13. You can do co2. And yes, oxygen is not safe.

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