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Oxycoton to THC need help please

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Duha, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. My dad had cancer many years back and has been on opiates like oxycoton and oxycodone. Well today I was going downstairs to get some food and my dad was curled up in a corner in the kitchen and his cell phone was in a bunch of pieces he was acting real slow and just different. Then I just kind of ignored him and the phone rang I went to pick it up and it was my mom she was asking for my dad. I went to give my dad the phone and I walked away, to fix some food. Seconds later the phone rang and I checked the caller ID and it was my mom again. I let it ring cause i figured my dad was going to answer it he didn't then it rang again and he didn't answer so I went in there and he had taken the wireless phone apart. So then my mom called my cell phone and I picked it up and she was mad and then hung up on me. I was like WTF. Then my dad was just wondering around really weird, and then he was saying something I couldn't understand, and finally I understood and he said Fist Full of Dollars, I was like getting really confused I thought he was on some crazy drug or something, so I called my mom again and told her to just stop and listen before she hangs up I need to tell her something important. I told her and she was like I didn't think it was going to be this bad. Turns out my dad was having major Opiate withdraw, cause they have been having problems getting his meds. I got him in the car and he was very nathargic and when I could understand what he was saying it wasn't making any sense. Anyways I talked to my parents on getting my dad off that shit. It is ruining his life and my moms and I can barely take. This is the first time I have seen my dad withdraw but my mom has seen it numerous times, and when he is on the crap he is not the same as he used to be you can just tell this stuff has changed him a whole lot. They are open to trying new things with medicating but are afraid I said Marijuana is a great way and he doesn't have to smoke it, he cant smoke because he has a trake(sp?) hole in his throat where he breathes.

    Anyways they are whilling to try but afraid.

    Will THC help him with the severe withdraw problems when/if he wants to switch over?

    Is THC really that great of a pain killer when matched up with opiates?

    Is it even possible for him at this point to switch over?

    Thank you anyhelp is greatly apprciated.

    I live in denver so medical marijuana is here.
  2. I am not extremely knowledgable on this topic, but my father did pass away from cancer a few years back and he was on MMJ(medicinal), and i could tell it helped him a lot. Getting him off oxy's and optiates is important, and marijuana can help. BUT, although pot provides plenty of pain relief, the pain relief from opiates taken in excessive doses to built an immunity is in my opinion insurpassable.
  3. Ya I think he is tired of the opiate addiction too. Before I even mentioned Medical Marijuana to him on the way home still a little nathargic, he was telling me and my mom we should move to bennet(a town on the out skirts of denver) so we can grow marijuana in the back yard, it was funny cause it was so random at the time, but I think he really wants to try something different.(he could have been making a wise crack at me too because I smoke weed and they know I do)
  4. I hope things work out for you and your family, switching to MMJ is going to be a great change for your dad. You should probably tell your dad to ween off the opiates though, you can't just go cold turkey and expect to be and feel fine. Keep lowering the dosages each day for about a week until they are pretty minimal, then cut the supply completely off. This does not cure withdrawel, only lessen it to some extent.
  5. Smoked cannabis can be helpful, but hemp oil is more effective at treating pain than morphine, and it is non-addictive, has no withdrawal symptoms, and makes everything else healthier as well. It truly is amazing.
  6. Thank you guys I will have him read this later when I get home from work, if he is coherent again. So the more info you have on helping with opiate adiction and/or switching to mmj for pain the better. Thank you all.
  7. Well my dad is acting a little loopy still but turns out because of is withdraw he was trying to get some pills, and he got into my moms ambien and took a couple pills and maybe got some of my muscle relaxers. So him acting loopy we figured was because of the downers he took, he took so much he was hallucinating hard core. I pleaded with my mom and she is going to take my dad to a pain specialist because she found out he was chewing the oxycoton 20's so he could get more bang out of it. Then I found out later today that he took 180 or 280 oxycoton-5's last week, when I heard that I told my mom enough is enough, yes my dad is in pain but we need to lower his tolerance because he is going to OD. Thats how I talked her into a pain specialist to lower his intake or get him on some more steady set up. It kind of shakes you up when you see your parent looking like a drug fiend stuff. So will do that and then I will probably get some THC pills from a friend I know and introduce it to him, and then he can decide if he wants to go that rout or try to lower is tolerance to opiates so he doesn;t need that many pills.
  8. First of all, I am happy to hear your father is turning away from those scary drugs. They can RUIN people's lives. I've seen it MANY times.

    Will THC help him with the severe withdraw problems when/if he wants to switch over?

    From what I have read, THC can help withdrawal when it come to calming nerves etc. I would assume it is defiantly worth trying from how severe it sounds in your father's case.

    Is THC really that great of a pain killer when matched up with opiates?

    THC and cannabinoids, another major chemical in marijuana, are serious pain relief as well as nausea relief, appetite stimulant etc. I have never had cancer, but from the articles I have read and people I have spoken with, marijuana is a MAJOR help in pain killing, and obviously WAY safer and more natural than opiates..

    Good luck and God bless your situation :eek:


  9. to be honest yes it would help with severe withdrawls. only reason why i say this is me (Shay) use to be a major opiate addict for like 7 yrs straight. it got to the point that i even ODed and never made it to the hospital but survived. it was like a major slow-motion moment.

    yes getting back on weed helped me get off the opiates. i mean i had hydrocodone, darvocet, percocet, dilaudid and oxys because of all my health problems they even at one point put me an IV of morphine to help me thru the pain and it didnt work, i would end up taking more just to numb the pain.

    jamie helped me alot, he couldnt take it by seeing me suffer thru the pain. he gradually reduced the pills and made me smoke with him to make the switch. it worked but took time
  10. THC pills have problems if you mean marinol...much better than opiates for sure but they have adverse psychological effects too because they contain only thc and none of the secondary cannabinoids. Making edibles out of actual cannabis will produce better results although I am not familiar with what tracheotomy patients deal with eating wise. Smoking is of course out but a whip style vaporizer could also work if he could hold the hose up to the place where he breathes. Good luck with whatever administration you try
  11. I could probably make some butter two, and I have a few friends that sell cookies and brownies. I didn't know that about THC pills.
  12. First, marinol sucks.

    Second, opiates are not good for a person with cancer because they reduce appetite. Thats a step in the wrong direction. If he switches to MMJ, I promise you he will feel loads better, and MMJ will even help him kick the opiates all together.
  13. For his own health he needs to kick the opiates. It is sad that drugs like that can be prescribed yet MMJ is still illegal for most states.


  14. Make some THC pills, as close as possible to the oxy's or hydros. I'm sure you could buy a mold online. Make sure they're packed with a ton of weed to he only has to take a couple.

    Finally, just tell him they're Oxy's.
  15. That won't work any more than eating the bud without capping it out into pills. You would (I think) have to decarboxylate your bud cooking it in the oven.

    Someone who knows more than me, could you decarboxylate your bud in the oven like when you make edibles, but then cap it out into pills?
  16. Consult with a MMJ friendly doctor about the possibility of vaporizing if hes trying to avoid smoking because of his throat. Other than that I would say to start investing in a steady supply of edibles. They take a while to kick in but they will completely eliminate any possible throat damage of smoking and they last much longer.

    I really am no doctor, but I would imagine if he had a good dose upon waking it would help him through the day and before going to sleep he would be relieved until waking again.
  17. Hello, names Gossamer, and this is my first post ever on grasscity. ( I think)
    Id just like to say that without MJ I wouldent have ever been able to kick Heroin. and get out horribly painful part of my life,
    Its not really something I share with alot of people. So I wont go into great detail, but marijuanna helped immensly with the withdrawels
    But I thought Id let you know as it might help with your fathers situation.



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