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  1. anyone heard of it? tell me what you think... it is supposed to be like legal heroin but idk man.
  2. I'm gettin' 5 pills this weekend, I'll let you know how they are.

  3. Its a perscription painkiller. As a derivitave of Heroin, it's an opiate based drug. Highly addictive.
  4. it can be a lot of fun. the feeling you get from it is a lot different depending on the way you take it ie. nasal, oral, intervieniously (sp?)...

    ..but yeah real addictive and your tolerance builds up quick, which makes daily use really suck...
  5. It is an opioid, a *synthetic* derivitive of opium. It is expensive (like $40 for an 80 MG pill) and it will get you really fucked up, but dont crush it and snort the whole thing or you might OD.
  6. watch it they carry step trouble with them felony charge for each pill your almost beter off getting caught with acid
    junkies pay up to 1 dollar a mg but to get to the point not a very good high to overwelming should be used by cancer paticence and pep bout ready to die
  7. You are SOL if you get caught with acid, I think I read somewhere that it is schedule I.

  8. Marijuana is a Schedule one as well. But it used to be one hit of acid was considered one count of manslaughter if caught. i think its that way still in some parts of the country.
  9. If you dont want to waste your OC, you will crush it and snoot it. If it is your first time only snoot about 20-30 milligrams at first to see what you can tollerate. You need to peel the time release off to snoot it. I was into these along with about 13 of my friends for about 2 years and have now stopped. In all the 1000's of pills I have seen snooted, no one has od'd. I have seen up to 250 milligrams snooted at once, so you will be fine doing 30. Just know that they are highly addictive as it is the exact high as heroin.

    "the feeling you get from it is a lot different depending on the way you take it ie. nasal, oral, intervieniously (sp?)..."

    Not true, the high is exactly the same no matter how you take it. you could even swallow it if you want, just peel the time release off first or you will waste your pill.
  10. I see where you are comeing from highgirly. I know that deaths have happened, but over 90% of oxycontin overdoses are from either shooting it, or drinking alcohol with it. I am sorry about your cousin, but I am just stating what I have witnessed myself, and I have seen literally thousands of oc's snooted with anything even remotely serious ever happening.
  11. if you cant compare it with heroin, then compare it wiv methadone or morphine or opium.
    opiates arnt addictive as you might think by the way.
  12. I dont know what kind of bunk opiates you have done then. They are very addictive. I have seen it first hand in more than 2 people.
  13. legal heroine... high is crazy
  14. around here a few years back when it was new, people were busting into CVS and what not stealing them from there. They were getting broken into al over the place.
  15. I don't feel like refreshing my knowledge on it by goin and lookin it up, but as I remember, 30mg is a pretty high dose if you have no tolerance. When you have a tolerance, you can take like 4 times as much as someone that doesn't, and get the same effects, you know?
    If I were you I would try snorting 10 mg and wait like 20 minutes or somethin and see if you feel it.. if not.. do another 10. ya know?
  16. like Rush Limbaugh......that muthafucka was a huge Oxycontin fan wasnt he?
  17. dude i love taking some kind of opiate and smoking thats like one of my favorite things

    right now i got a bunch of hydrocodiene from my moms perscription, switched it for tylenol

    but im pretty sure if you get caught with it without a perscription then you can still get in trouble or if they catch you selling or buying it so its not quite legal heroine as much as it is perscribed heroin

  18. dude thats so stupid ..$3 of lsd ..MANSLAUGHTER!!!

    worse thing in the world to expand your mind and explore your inner conciusnes or all that crap

  19. same high as heroin, except the intial "hit" heroin users get from injecting...supposedly the best part
  20. yeah, shooting it is a whole different ball-game.

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