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  1. Just picked up 2 80mg OCs for $90. was wondering wat everyone else usually pays...btw i live in philly
  2. in so cal they cost me 50-60$ per 80
  3. yeah how much does it take u to get fucked up, i just did a 40 and im destroyed...
  4. whats the high like for oxy?

    i've been wanting to try it but how addicting is it? or is it even that addicting?

    and for the first time what mg should i do?
  5. Can get 80's for $25, but fuck oxy that shit will turn you into jekyl and hide when you cant find no more oxy.
  6. 40 for an 80 fer me
  7. 40-50..80's are the hardest for me to find...ill usually get IR 30's for like 5 a piece. i like those better cause there easier to shoot. ill do 2 or 3 and be pretty nice. if im popping them 80mg or so gets me where i wanna be.

  8. do you like being so relaxed that you do not want to move?

    do you like for the time to pass by so slow that 10 seconds feels like an eternity?

    then this is for you.

    me personally, not for me. i did it, no hooked.
    i like being marijuana high way more.

    but i did two 20 mgs the first time.
    i snorted one.
    10 minutes later i did another.
  9. i read somewhere they are more addicting than heroin but that could just be some bullshit

  10. OCs are highly addicting, but nowhere near heroin.
  11. It's still highly addictive, it's an opiate man
    be careful, i know someone that died recently for driving into a tree while on oxy
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    yeah its not more addicting then heroin, but using oxy can end up leading you to do dope..kinda my situation, i started small with lortabs and percs, tried oxy orally, sniffed it, started sniffing dope, got hooked, started shooting, now im really hooked..but yeah doing oxycontin is fine once in a while. your not gonna do it once and be a junkie, it doesnt happen like that. you build an addiction overtime, just exercise willpower and limit your use to special occassions youll be fine.

    edit: in response to your questions, first time id try somewhere like 20mg..if youve tried lortabs or other opiates youll be able to handle that. youll forget your problems and your day will seem flawless regardless of what your doing it just feels like a perfect day. youll probably have a hard time pissing and shitting, might puke but youll be so high you wont even mind. when it wears off youll probably want more, thats where the addiction potential comes in, just refrain from doing more for a while.

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