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  1. alright so my dealer says hes got 80 mg oxys, I was just wondering how much I should take. I'm not really into pills, ive done 30 mg of lortab and like 20 mg of endocet which i think is the same thing as percocet? but i always get sick off the endocets and sometimes off the lortabs, so i guess i have a low tolerance? but how much of this oxy should i take a 1/4 maybe? I dont't wanna die haha thanks alot.
  2. i only buy roxi's (instant release oxycodone), but fwiw railing ~10mg has me feeling gooooood
  3. My first few times, I crushed up and ate 1/8 of an OC80. Now i"m up to around 1/2 to get the same buzz.

    I think 1/8 is too little for most, even with a low tolerance (i'm just a super pussy when it comes to pills)...so I recommned you start with a 1/4. It also depends on if you're snorting it or eating it...I have no experience with snorting so 1/4 up the nose may be too much (or too little).


  4. Just do the quarter pill..20 mg is a good dose to fuck with with no experience.

    How much is your dude charging for those?

    If you aint ever done them before just chew the pill and swallow with water.
    Make sure it says OC or ABG on one side.

    i think those are the only two that are good for everything. Some generics i get cant be smoked, and are wack to snort.:(
  5. my dude is chargin 60 if u buy only one, they are greenish and say oc on one side and 80 on the other, theyre legit for sure. but is 60 a little overboard?
  6. DO NOT BREAK OC they are time released and if you break yhe coating you get a lot more of the meds than your suposed to, a lot of kids od on that shit around here. 7 died from it. Its basicly like synthetic heroin dont fuck with it please.
  7. im rxed 80s, i give em out for 50, but depending where you are, and or drought it can go up to $1/mg. as far as how much, take the coating off with water and your fingers, split in half and another time if you have no tolerance, itll give you 4 pieces- 20mg/ea
  8. the great OC80.

    1/peel green time release
    2/break in half
    3/crush first half and snort
    4/take the second half and chase the dragon
    5/$3000 later
  9. Well said
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