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OxyContin Question?

Discussion in 'General' started by MagicGuy, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. I couldn't find another place for this question, so I figured this would be the best place to ask. Last night, a friend of mine gave me what he says are two 250mg Oxycontin pills. The pills are pretty big, and have the numbers "512" on one side, and on the other side just have the line so you can break the pill into two pieces. I don't want to do anything with these until I know for sure that they are OC's. Can anyone confirm this for me? This kid wouldn't lie to me, and he said he was 150% sure that they were the real deal - anyone want to agree with him?

    Thanks guys!
  2. hmmm, I really don't think they are oxys, sounds more like vicoidin or something to me... don't take them

  3. oxys say OC on one side, and on the other side it says the dosage. the highest they make OC is 160, and i believe they are set on hold for the moment for being too powerful.
  4. thick round, white(possibly a yellowish tint), scored w/ 512 aren't oxycontins..theyre percocets...both oxycontin and percocet have the same ingredient (oxycodone) only the oxycontins have multiple times the amount, (because its meant to be time released over several hour long intervals for cronic pain sufferers)...its a common mistake to confuse oxycodones(percocets) with the oxycontins (the gooood shit)...percocets also have tylenol in them..I believe the 250mg your friend spoke of was the wrong substance, percocets have both oxycodone AND acetaminophen (tylenol) in them...normal ratios are usually 7.5/500 5/300 and if you're lucky you may get a generic brand with a lower dosage of tylenol (such as your 250mgs)....the first number dictates the dosage of the oxycodone & and second number dictates the dosage of acetaminophen (ex. 7.5/750 would be 7.5mgs of oxycontin per 750mgs tylenol...) the tylenol is BAD...first time users can cause severe liver damage with just over 1g (1000mgs) of acetaminophen....if youre an avid pill popper you may be fine up to the LD50 which in this case is somewhere roughly along 3grams of the stuff...but tylenol is a nasty substance, so the bigger the first number and the smaller the second number in this case the better...try and find out where your friend got the pill (if he can get a hold of the prescription bottle yo could check the ratio per dosage)

    theyre still fun pills..but they just dont come nearly as close to that absolute orgasmic glow like oxycontins do(they dont call it hillbilly heroin for nothin friend)

    EDIT: to be even more clear, you're pills are about the equivelent to a couple generic vicodins...maybe good for a buzz but nothing much more

  5. I couldn't have said it any better. And the most important thing is be careful........tylenol is a deadly thing. But I thought the lowest dose of tylenol in a percocet was 375mg. You just taught me something Nubbin. Thanks. But I am sure that the highest dose of oxycontins are the 160mg.
  6. ya i was under the impression that the "real deal" were never white like vicodin and oxycodone and such are. they r always tinted yelow, or pink or sky blue or something. neway have fun. i like painkillers but not as much as i love pot.

    but its always good to experiment ..well sometimes ;-)

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