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Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.BunglEsbong, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. So ive done Oxycontin a few times, 2 out of three during the comedown ive felt real sick and thrown up, felt fine after throwing up but didnt feel the effects anymore.

    So here's my first question, What (other than smoking a bowl) can i do for the queasyness? i really like doing it at school because it doesnt really affect me mentally but makes me feel oh so good, so smoking a bowl during second period class isnt really an option.

    Also, if i were to take 5 oxy's (i think theyre 10 mg each but i really dont know, just guessing cus they have a ten on the side) and a shitload of Tussin cough gels (30 or so) would it be a good combo? Im pretty sure id throw up if i did this though so the first question kinda ties in.

    Alright thanks everybody plan on doing this at school tomorrow if i can figure out a way not to puke.
  2. I duno if you would want to combine those two ... it sounds a little risky especially if you intend on doing that at school.. just my opinion
  3. unless you really have a tolerance, I would advise against doing 50mgs and then going to school.

  4. Well im not sure about the actual mg dosage, i just know that if take 4 i feel pretty good, but five is better. On 4 at least school is no problem at all, mentally i dont really notice any lag, just real nice body high.
  5. Im about to get a couple 20's out of my aunts stash(shes living here for free and bearly takes oxycodone anyway because of her bipolar and anti depressants morphine and all the other shit she has fucks with it)

    How many mgs of oxyCODONE should i take?
  6. 20mg should make you feel pretty damn good.
  7. 20mg's is weak, i need 60mg's minimum, or 30-40 for shootin, but the only way to really get a tolerance from gettin sick is to do opiates more often so your body doesnt react badly to them
  8. I have 100 80's but don't take them
  9. Hell yea 80's are the best. crush em up n blow a line, just gotta make sure you take the coating off em... For the above, if youre getting sick then youre just taking too much. I used to do ocys everyday til I discovered black tar (evil shit ). I was up to 2 80s at once before I would get sick. Id say try doing a lil less. And dont go to school if youre doing oc... Why try to kill your high..
  10. If you dont take them, you should give the to the needy:ey:
  11. ive gotten sick of the old oxys my fair share of times. ive never done then often enough to get a tolerance going i guess. i never really go over the 20-40mg range, and still ill feel sick sometimes.
  12. ive taken ither 20mg or 15mg of COTTIN not CODONE or w/e .. got hella fucked up for 2 periods =D

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