oxycontin pricing?

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. hows it go by mgs and shit for you guys
  2. Ya basically a buck a mg, unless your buyin in bulk
  3. That shit is so damn expensive! It goes for around 50 cents a mg here.
  4. How much do you need to feel the effects?
  5. Well you start off only needing like 10-20 , and like most drugs your tollerance goes up, and i mean waay up, and you need 80's and shit just to get your "high". I thin they are fucken stupid and they ruin lives , i dont do them but my town is infested with them so i see them a lot.

  6. Pretty much what capedankness said you need about 10-20mg. If you go for a whole 40 your first time, youll most likely end up puking.
  7. I get 20 milligrams for 5 bucks, 100 milligrams for 20 bucks and 200 milligrams for 35 bucks.
  8. .50$/mg (20mg : 10$. 40mg : 20$. 80mg : 40$).

    5mg to buzz, 10mg for the high, 15mg to be fucked up, 20mg to be on your ass. Assuming you don't have a tolerance built up.

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